Embrace: Evolve Series, Book Two(6)

By: S.E. Hall

“Oh my God, Dane!” she screams as I lick slowly, my tongue wide and flat, humming against her, drawing out her orgasm as long as I can, until she relaxes with her finish.

I lift my head and meet her lazy, satisfied gaze. “You want me, Laney?”

“Mhmmm,” she purrs, reaching up to twine her arms around my shoulders, pulling me up her body. “Now,” she mumbles, still a little out of it.

“Now what?” My fingertips skim her inner thigh, earning a shudder from her. I rise to my knees, between hers, and pull off my shirt, grinning as I watch her eyes roam over me.

“Make love to me,” she whispers, licking her lips and staring into my eyes.

“Well, okay, baby.” I laugh lightly as I shift and lose my pants and boxers. “You should have said something sooner.” I wink and she giggles.

I love how harmonious we are in the bedroom. While I need control, I also thrive on her interaction, the taunting wit and sexy playfulness that only I get to see. She matches me, and often exceeds me, on many levels, and in the bedroom—phenomenal. If I’d filled out a questionnaire and mail-ordered for my perfect fantasy, they would’ve shipped me Laney Jo Walker.

Unhurriedly, I ease into her warmth and just like the first time she welcomed me there, it feels like home; the single most perfect place I’m supposed to be. The place I’m meant to be.

“Fuckkk,” I drag out the growled words as long as it takes me to work myself in. Her arms reach around, grabbing my ass to push me in her deeper. “Easy, I don’t want to hurt you.” She’s still very new to this and she’ll feel it tomorrow, so I hold myself back despite her urgings. “I wanna go slow and feel every minute of it,” I pant. Being inside her, her body a scorching vice around me, feels incredible, like nothing before. “You feel so good, Laney, so soft and tight for me.”

Honestly, it’s never even been close to thi—shit! Condom!

She must feel my body tense. “Dane?” Her scared eyes look up at me and she clutches my shoulders. “Did I do something wrong?”

I’d rather do anything than pull out of her right now, but that’d be way too selfish, and Laney comes first, literally. Grimacing, I withdraw, swiping a hand down my face. “Laney, I’m so sorry, baby. I forgot a condom.”

She giggles—giggles! I’m waiting for her to cry, or slap me, and she’s laughing! She sits up and wraps her arms around my waist. “I trust you, Dane. You’d never intentionally hurt me. If there was anything you needed to tell me, for my health, you would.”

Whoa, wait! “Laney, I’m clean. I have physicals every year, the insurance on my companies demands it. And I haven’t been with anyone else since, well, awhile… before the last physical by a long shot.”

“Then why are you so worried?” She kisses my chest, moving one hand to rub my back. “I think it’s safe to say I’m clean.”

Do I really have to map this out for her? Nope, it takes a few more seconds before she simpers again, peering up at me.

“You ever been in the middle of a softball tournament, away from home, in the Georgia heat and white pants, when all of a sudden you start your period?”

I wait for her to continue, pretty sure I don’t actually have to answer her.

“Well, I have, and it sucked. On the pill, you know exactly when it’s coming. I’ve been on it ever since; it’s the best advice Kaitlyn ever gave me.” She kisses the end of my nose and smiles reassuringly. “We’re good, babe.”

Holding in a gasp of relief, I try to return a positive smile, still a little shaky. Laney’s 19 years old, with a sex life still in its infancy, and I’d been careless with her. I wince a bit at the thought, ‘cause it really had felt fucking incredible.

Focus, man!

“Now. Where were we?” She nibbles along my jaw, trailing up to suck on my earlobe. “You’re not a quitter are you?”

“Not. Even. A. Little. Bit,” I warn her as I lay her back, reaching to the nightstand to do things right this time. Moving over her again, the teasing mood is gone and her eyes are sultry, breathing choppy.

“Love me, Dane,” she says and her back bows, her knees falling open as I bury myself in one smooth thrust.

“I do, baby, I do.”


Stomping Grounds


Seeing them together, again, really knocked the wind out of me. I’d better get used to it, since Southern is my new stomping grounds and not that big. I’ve been sitting on this barstool, replaying the scene in my head over and over way too many times, for what feels like hours. I must look as helpless as I feel since Sawyer cracks a beer open and slides it my way.

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