Emerge, Book One(The Evolve Series)(117)

By: S.E. Hall

In it, my transfer slip. I walked away from UGA and a full scholarship to sit the bench for a year of ineligibility at Southern…to be with her. I can’t change it now. I’ve been released; I’m as good as at Southern. When she opens it, will she come back to me? If she does, will it be for the right reasons? Would I ever know for sure?

“Evan, I—” her voice calls and then fades.

I don’t turn back to look. I’ll never know if she tried to come after me, Dane pulling her back, or she just let me keep walking. I don’t know if she’s crying or sighing in relief.

Sawyer falls into step beside me and throws his arm over my shoulder. “You a drinker?”

“Not really,” I mumble.

“Wanna be?”

“Fuck yes.”

“Thought so,” he chuckles, banging his hand on the hood. “Get in, bro, I’ll find ya a cure.”

I doubt it.

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