Entangled:An Evolve Series Novella(2)

By: S.E. Hall

And now for the zinger that’s really gonna get him.

“Men shouldn’t know how to decorate anyway, using words like gaudy.” I let one brow raise and give him a suspicious smirk. “Do I need to learn how to fix the cars then? What if I get a flat?”

“Oh, baby,” he growls, his feet pounding the floor as he stalks toward me, “are you questioning my manliness?”

“Maybe,” I tease, slowing backing up, “Nancy.” My eyes dart anxiously around the room, mentally planning my escape route in this new territory.

He laughs deeply, not a “ha ha, that’s funny” laugh, but more an “uh huh, I’m coming to get ya” sexy laugh. “Got it planned yet?” He grins knowingly, one eyebrow cocked. “Better run to wherever looks the most comfortable.”

There’s no furniture yet, what is he talking about comfortable? Seeing the confusion on my face, he answers unasked.

“I’ll be showing you how much of a man I am when I catch ya,” he creeps closer, “so I’d stay away from the tile, it might hurt your back,” the mischief in his eyes ignites as he continues moving slowly closer, “or your knees.”

Do I still have to pretend I don’t want to be caught? I love this side of Dane and I love that the dominant, controlling, hunter comes out more and more every day.

The game’s precept itself is laughable; no one could question Dane’s virility. It seeps from his pores, an aura around him that takes up all the air in a room. And he’s all mine. From his forever-jostled brown locks and matching warm eyes to his cocky, lopsided grin to his sculpted chest, all the way to his tight back, that irresistible V and toned, tight ass—he is mine.

“You wouldn’t!” I challenge, knowing delightfully well that he would.

“Oh, baby, you know I can and I will.” He flips open the button on his pants, that cocky grin suffocating me from where he stands. “And I think you want me to.”

The man is a degree of hot and sexy that cannot be measured and I’m instantly aflame, tingly and wanting, every single time I look at him. And when his dominating stare is fixed on me, telling me I’m helpless to stop him when he wants me this badly, my ability to move, think, or possibly resist leaves me. I am but his for the taking, whenever and however he wants.

I shake my head back and forth, biting my bottom lip in the way that I know drives him crazy. “Do not,” I say throatily, barely above a whisper.

Only Dane makes me forget that not too long ago I was simply a girl; a scared, unsure, shy girl a long way from home. With him, as his, I am anything but. He revealed the true me—a confident, sensual woman ready to embrace all that makes me feel alive.

I cut my eyes right, staring at a deceptive destination, waiting for him to take the bait, then juke left, squealing like a schoolgirl in a slasher film as he grabs me. He never even flinched right, stepping in front of me effortlessly, growling into my neck as he swings me in his arms.

“You’re mine now,” he warns in a deep, sultry timbre.

“Wasn’t I already?” I breathe out, pulsing from head to toe just from his touch, his tone, his command.

“Mmm hmm, but the chase makes it so much sweeter. And now, baby,” he hoists me up by his strong hands spanned across my ass and my legs wrap around him of their own volition, “we’re gonna christen your carpet.” He goes down to his knees, still holding me tightly against him as he slowly lowers me to my back, laying his body across mine.

“You can’t be serious!” My moan betrays my protest as he suckles my neck, hands still kneading my backside. “There aren’t any curtains. Someone could see us!”

Another interesting fact I learned about Dane after the first time—he wants it all the time. Anytime, anywhere, any way…now that the seal is broken, my man can’t be stopped.

Can I get an Amen?

His warm breath fans across my already sensitized flesh, raising goosebumps and triggering a pull in my core. “If anyone peeps in your windows, I’ll take care of them later. And,” one hand slides to the front, snapping open my jeans, “we can keep it as discreet as possible.”

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