Entangled:An Evolve Series Novella(3)

By: S.E. Hall

“You’re insa— Oh, Dane,” my breathing is labored and stuttered, his fingers deliciously teasing me, “discreet could work.”

“I love it when you see things my way.” He lifts his body off me slightly, the loss of his heat like an arctic blast. “Pull ‘em down, baby, just enough.”

I comply with his demand wantonly, no longer caring where we are, raising my hips off the floor and pushing only my jeans down to the middle of my thighs.

“Good girl, so discreet,” he teases as he looks down at me with a mischievous curl to his mouth and a growing flame in his gaze. “Now let’s see if I can do the same.”

Watching through my lust filled haze, he reaches in his back pocket, tossing a condom packet by my head. Seems he had this christening planned all along. Still balancing himself on one forearm above me, a hand slides in between us, easing down his zipper, pushing his pants and briefs down in the front. If a peeping Tom did happen upon us now, we might get away with the infamous “we were just making out and his jeans are baggy” defense.

He pulls the neckline of my shirt down with his fingers and the cup of my bra with his teeth, his mouth finding the center of my bare breast quickly. “See,” he points out huskily as his tongue circles my hardened point, “shirt still on. I’d never let anyone see you but me, Laney, ever. But this is happening, right here, right now. I want you.”

“How are we—”

“Shhh.” He silences me by covering my mouth with his, greedily seducing my senses, grinding against me and kissing me as though he may never get to again. Everything with Dane is intense, always; even an afternoon quickie on the carpet, he finds new heights to take me to. “Want it, baby?” he asks, rubbing his rock hard length along my saturated panties, one hand tight again on my ass, pushing me into him. “Say you want it, Laney, tell me.” His voice is edgy, he’s losing his control.

“Yes,” I reach down, slipping my hands into the back of his loose jeans and grabbing his firm ass, digging my fingers into the hard flesh, “I want my Dane, so bad.”

He rolls the condom down himself in milliseconds, the most dexterous man ever—it’s quite impressive actually. “Move your panties to the side,” he growls, voice and eyes hazed with lust and hunger, both imploring me before he leans down to suck along my chest, my throat, frenzied and impatient. “Do it, baby, just pull ‘em to the side, I need in you.”

So, unlike anything I’d ever dreamed myself capable of, I do it. I snake a hand down, between our seeking, wanting bodies and yank my panties over, giving him the opening he so desperately wants, that I just as desperately need. And the second I do, he connects himself to me in one hard thrust.

“Ahhh,” I cry out, my back arching off the floor in the most exquisite mix of pleasure and pain, legs clenching tighter around him and toes curling.

“My baby,” he croons, his open mouth inching up the column of my neck, tasting and nipping along the way, finding my ear where he likes to whisper all his dirty thoughts. “So fucking good. Every. Single. Time.”

I lose the self where I am only Laney, now the perfect version where Dane and I are the same entity. The physical sensation is amazing, like my body and his are one in the same. My insides ripple in time with his feral heartbeat, his hums of satisfaction timed to my shallow pants. He always knows just what I need; how hard, how fast, where to touch me, when to touch me there; he’s an attentive, unselfish, anticipatory lover. The emotional connection that I crave just as much as the physicality is as strong as ever. I’ve never felt, could never feel, closer to another soul, my partner, the person to walk this life with me, than when Dane and I make love.

He moves over me, in me, stroking the spot inside me that makes my breath catch and my mouth open in a silent scream. His head falls back, eyes closed and a trickle of sweat gracefully make its descent down his slickened skin to get lost in the light thatch of hair on his chest. “You feel so perfect,” he grunts out.

His ass clenches under my hands with each plunge into the deepest part of me and I can do nothing but stare up at him, strikingly beautiful in all his animalistic nature.

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