Entangled:An Evolve Series Novella(38)

By: S.E. Hall

“Okay,” she purrs, snuggling deeper into my side.

God, what I’d give for her to say that sober and awake.



“Sawyer, we’re gonna be late!” I scream through a mouth full of Crunchberries.

There’s a knock at the front door, interrupting my breakfast. When I open it, I’m met with a sea of blue…roses. I gasp and reach for the vase, uncovering a young delivery boy.

“Laney Walker?” he asks.

“That’s me!”

“Here you go,” he hands me a light blue envelope, “have a nice day.”

I shut the door and take them to the kitchen counter, inhaling their sweet fragrance. I know who they’re from, but once again, he has floored me—where does one even find a blue rose? And this early in the morning? I open the card, more than anxious to read what it says.

My Disney,

I’m sorry I can’t see you off to your first day of sophomore year today. No doubt you look beautiful and will kick butt!

Blue roses are thought to mean “the impossible” and eleven of any color mean “you are my treasure, that which I love most in my life.” Both are true. You are absolutely the most treasured and loved thing that will ever exist in my world, impossibly so.

I will see you tonight. Nothing could keep me from it. I’ll want to hear all about your day. And how much you missed and loved me of course.

Do your thing, baby,


“Gidge, you shouldn’t have.” Sawyer saunters in, grabbing my bowl of cereal. ”How’d you know blue were my favorite?”

“Lucky guess,” I sigh, still on my cloud. “You ready to go? I don’t want to be late the first day.”

“Yup.” He turns up the bowl and drinks the milk. “I even made my bed and picked up my room like a good boy.”

“Very nice.” I pat his chest. “Now have a great day, play nicely with the other kids and I’ll see you at lunch.”

Sawyer’d moved in, just like he promised, and seems to be a bit more chipper every day. I haven’t asked and he hasn’t shared, but things seem…better. We walk out together, him locking the door behind us, and head down the driveway. “You want a ride?” I ask him, climbing into my truck.

“Nah, I’ll take the bike. I have a long break in the afternoon, I’ll come home and make dinner. Meatloaf good? It’s my specialty.”

“That’s sound great, Saw.”

I can’t wipe the grin off my face as I drive to campus. Dane and I are fantastic. All my friends, including Sawyer, seem on track; happy or happier and healthy. My dad is dating. My mom learned to use the laptop we brought her to Skype with me at least once a week. Hayden’s doing great and Angie’s truly thrilled, chomping at the bit for her grandbabies to come.

And always, I think of Evan. He may be happiest of all, so wrapped up in Whitley and now living with her, I might add, that the smile he permanently wears is bigger than my own. Whit got her lobster or seahorse or whatever she says, and Evan got his Juliet.

We’re all just one, big, crazy, loving, extended family…forever entangled in one another’s lives, and pretty damn blessed.

Life is good.

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