Entangled:An Evolve Series Novella(4)

By: S.E. Hall

“You close, baby? Need to come, want you with me,” his moans, his low grumble a plea. “Too good, need to,” he pants again, opening his eyes now to gauge my reaction.

His hands move under me again, gripping my ass like a vice and tilting my pelvis up, where he knows he’ll hit right where I need him to, then begins to circle his thumb on my clit, the combination exactly what it takes to set me off like a Roman candle.

The howl that leaves me bounces off the walls of the empty room, no objects to absorb the sound, increasing the volume to embarrassing—as if I cared.

“Uh huh,” he goads me, rubbing harder, twisting his hips at the end of each slide in. “That’s it, fuck yes, baby, squeeze me. Who makes you come?”

I can’t answer, delirious as my body bounces in time to his maddening thrusts.

“Baby,” his strained yell breaking through my trance, “who makes you come?” He asks again and again, each word coordinating with a pound that grazes my cervix, or maybe my throat, his lip curled and teeth bared.

The muscles in his arms flex with each move, the pulse in his throat begging me to raise up and lick it, but I’m pinned here at his mercy. “You,” I somehow answer, intoxicated with the feel of him, the scent of our mingled sweat and passion. “Only you, babe.”

“Damn right,” he moans, satisfied with my reply. He lays flush against me now, giving me all his weight, which I welcome.

There’s something about the heaviness of the man you love on top of you.

“Need you there, baby,” he says again, his thumb mercilessly swirling on my clit, begging me to catch him in release. “Now, Laney, again, for me.”

It takes but a minute; he knows to keep his thumb fast and right there if he wants me to join him. This time as I explode around him, shamelessly screaming his name as he too lets go, twitching inside me.

I do this to him, me—my love, my body—undoes this god. This territorial, bossy, controlling…and phenomenal man that is all mine.

“Love you,” he says in between slowing pants, trying to catch his breath.

“Love you,” I hum, caught up in bliss, rubbing up and down his now damp back.

I love this part.



Obstinate, stubborn woman—good thing I’ve figured out the one language she’ll always listen to: Dane Dick. She speaks it fluently, actually, and I have great success with what I call Triple D, aka Dane Dick Diversion. I only call it that in my own head, of course; if she heard the title, she’d rip off the weapon of coercion and choke me with it. Who would have thought she had a side to her that could only be drawn out by me? She’s a lil’ freak when she wants to be, and the first time I let go, showing her the innermost Dane, the one that likes to control…the lustful sparkle in her eye and coy twitch to her lip told me it was okay to be me, that she liked it. Score 1 for Dane.

So occasionally I use Triple D for my own purposes. Sue me. I don’t think Laney really minds, anyway. And now, with her sated and purring beside me, we can discuss her awful decorating ideas. And if she continues to argue, well, I’m more than happy to distract her again.

Inside Laney is the tight, warm haven where I’d spend every waking minute if I could. It’s only then that she completely lets go, trusting me to take her away from everything else; the place she goes when I’m buried in her is made of total contentment, somewhere she’s safe, cared for, loved, and she has no other worries in the world.

The minute I slip from her, though, my challenging little hellcat is back with a vengeance, testing me…her mind, mouth and spirit reminding me why I am so in love with her.

But softball yellow walls? Not happening.

She’s still lying on her back, eyes closed and small smile on her lips when I stroll back in from cleaning up.

“Why you smiling, gorgeous?”

“I’m happy,” she answers, not opening her eyes or making any attempt to move.

“Then I did my job.” I lower myself and crawl over her, burying my face in the sweetness of her neck. She smells of me, of us—the best scent in the world—Dane on Laney. “I love you, Disney,” I whisper in her ear.

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