Entice:The Evolve Series, Book Three(10)

By: S.E. Hall

“Yeah?” I say as I turn. What the fuck does he want now?

“Do you trust yourself?”

“What?” I back down the two steps I’d taken and close the gap between us. “Dude, you’re winking at me, asking weird shit…did someone leave glue open around you or what?”

“Do. You. Trust. Yourself?” he repeats, quirking one brow like he does when he’s challenging someone.

“Of course I do. Why? Do you trust yourself?”

“Absolutely.” He nods. “Which is why when naysayers give me shit or try to plant doubt, I have no problem ignoring them.”

I just stare at him, trying to discretely discern the size of his pupils; I honestly think he sniffed glue.

He puts one hand on my shoulder and grins. “You and I, we’re go with our gut kinda guys. Don’t change.”

It takes me a minute to file all that gibberish away and head up to the office. If I thought he’d just thrown me for a loop with that weird talk, then what happens next is a full-out circle around the fucking globe. When I open the door, I’m dumbstruck.

Her name is Emmett L. Young, and I finally know this because that’s the name on the resume I’m holding and she is sitting in Dane’s office.

I told you—that guy has scary ways of making things happen. And he can wink at me and sniff glue any fucking time he wants, ‘cause I kinda love him right now.

“Hi,” I manage as I walk further into the office and offer her my hand. “Sawyer Beckett.”

She stands with a subdued smirk, her wide, shocked eyes quickly grazing over me. “Emmett Young,” she says as she shakes my hand. “Nice to see you again, Mr. Beckett.” Her voice pours out like warm honey as she retakes her seat.

“What’s the L stand for?”

There’s a slight flinch of her face—she’s as thrown off by my question as I am. It just came out.


“You sure?” I flirtingly challenge her as I take a seat behind Dane’s desk.

“I’m sure, uh, it was kinda weird you asked. Not what I was expecting.”

“Mine’s Landon, also an L. That’s why I noticed.” That is so not why I noticed. Much like the fact that I know she had cinnamon gum recently, that she tried to cover the small butterfly tattoo behind her left ear with makeup, and that she used to bite her nails but she’s trying to let them grow back… I noticed.

“So, um,” she fidgets, “this is kinda awkward. If you want to cancel, I’d understand.”

“Do you want to cancel?” I refuse to look away, forcing my eyes to stay on hers despite my embarrassment and mortal fear she might say yes.

Her head shakes back and forth rapidly. “No, not at all. I really need this job. Mr. Kendrick said it pays fifteen dollars an hour. That’s unheard of for a waitress. It’s more than I make at both my current jobs combined.”

“All right then, Emmett.” God, her name tastes good in my mouth. “Let’s talk.”

A smile as timid and sweet as a baby deer takes over her gorgeous face and I have to grip the arms of the chair to keep myself in it. Fuck, she’s hot. I want to know what she tastes like everywhere. Are her sighs high or low, quiet or loud? Which curls and digs into the sheets first, her fingers or her toes?

“Mr. Beckett?”

“Hmm?” Oh. “Sorry. And call me Sawyer, please.”

She nods and looks down, her cheeks slightly flushing. I’ve never gotten hard just from looking at a girl before, but I could lift this desk off the ground with my dick alone right now.

“Let’s get it out of the way, okay? I manage The K, so you’d be working more for me than Dane. Mr. Kendrick, I mean.” I cough. “We both know what you saw. Will you be able to take direction from me, respect my authority, after that?”

She crosses her left leg over her right and pulls at the hem of her shirt. “Absolutely.”

I lean back in the chair and steeple my fingers under my chin. “Are you sure? I can’t have you thinking poorly of me. How can you listen to someone you don’t respect? You can’t even look at me right now.”

Her head snaps up, eyes defiant and locked tight on mine. “It was just a blowjob.” She slaps her hand over her mouth, her entire body (every inch I can see, at least) blushing furiously. She lowers her hand and whispers, “I mean, it wasn’t a big deal. Not that it wasn’t big, it was…oh my God.” She drops her head and covers her face with both hands, talking through them. “Please kill me.”

My laughter can’t be stopped and soon she’s joining me, peeking at me through her spread fingers.

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