Entice:The Evolve Series, Book Three(4)

By: S.E. Hall

Showing some life, she tries to grab my face and raise herself up to kiss me, but I turn my head, resting my forehead against the pillow. I’m ready to finish, not prolong the niceties.

“Almost there,” I growl in her ear. “Wrap your legs around my back.”

She does so immediately and I find myself wishing her pussy gripped as tightly as her legs do. But, since it’s not even close, I scoop both hands under her ass and tilt her pelvis, angling myself to drag along the upper wall inside her for at least some friction. That really amps up her moans now, so I’m forced to use one hand to cover her mouth, lest we have a second visit from Laney. After a few more slides in and out, my eyes closed, my ultimate fantasy skipping through my head, I finally find my non-climatic climax and she feigns the same.

I don’t take time to relax or fall down beside her. I don’t even catch my breath, not wanting to send her any fucked up signals. We’re done, so I jump out of bed and walk to the bathroom, disposing of the condoms. Yes, condoms. I always wear two.

Unfortunately, I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror as I walk past it. When I turn to examine my reflection, I realize I look as shitty as I feel. My eyes are vacant and hollow, my heart damn near visible on my sleeve. I’ve never done relationships with all the snuggling and kissing, but I’ve also never been quite the callous ass I’ve become. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit ashamed of myself, yet I can’t seem to pull myself out of my funk. Even the women willing to forego being wined and dined, or even sweet-talked, before they jump in bed and spread their legs to help ease my ache and tension don’t deserve the level of asshole I’ve become.

I’m not completely in denial; I know I’m idealizing her in my head and building up a fantasy perhaps a million times greater than what it would actually be like in real life. I haven’t stopped the idealistic comparisons, imaginings, what ifs in my head ever since that night. There’s a tugging in my gut that tells me, more certainly than anything ever before, that together, we’d be something special. Maybe it’s all the “true love” bullshit around me, everyone pairing off, my friends adored by some of the hottest, coolest girls you’ll ever meet, but I’m starting to feel like anything but the lucky bastard who escaped the claws of a woman. I feel like something’s missing.

Oh, fuck me, I’m a goddamn chick, dreaming of my skipping, extraordinary Princess Charming. Gidge and her Disney bullshit are rubbing off on me and shriveling my nut sack into a vag. Is there a razor here? I’ll go ahead and slit my wrists right now and call it a day.

Sighing, I wrap a towel around my waist and open the door, ready to try and at least behave cordially, which I know is only right. “Listen, can I—”

“She’s gone.”

I look up, startled by Laney’s voice and even more shocked to see her sitting on my bed. Thank God I put on a towel. “Where’d she go?”

“Home, I guess.” She shrugs. “I didn’t ask. I heard the front door slam and got up to see what the hell was going on. Since you’re here and she’s not, I’m assuming it was her.”

How did I not hear the door slam? Not that I would’ve chased her. “All right, she left. So what’re you doing in here?”

She stands, grabbing some shorts off my floor and throwing them at me. “Go put those on and we’ll talk. Since I’m up,” she reminds me with an evil glare.

I head back in the bathroom to change, and stay in there, locking the door and taking a deep breath. I’m over six feet tall and lift almost every day, but yes, I’m scared to face Laney. Not only is she a hellcat when she wants to be, but I don’t want to see the disgust or disappointment in her eyes. She’s one of my best friends, even more so after becoming roommates, and her opinion means a lot to me.

“Get out here!” she yells when she finally realizes I must be stalling. “Take it like a man.”

I might as well go out there or she’ll undoubtedly come in here, kicking in the door or taking it off the hinges in what I have no doubt would be less than five minutes.

She pats the bed beside her when I open the door. “Come sit down. We’re doing this now.”

I hesitantly take a seat, my knee bouncing as I wait for her to speak.

“First, and of the utmost importance, you know I call my father ‘Daddy,’ so hearing your visitors scream it repeatedly in the middle of the night freaks me out. I wake up thinking I’m in some bad Lifetime movie.”

Fighting my smirk, I agree. "Okay, got it." Maybe this little chat won’t be so bad after all.

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