Entice:The Evolve Series, Book Three(7)

By: S.E. Hall

“Well, Miss Mariah,” I run my gaze and fingertip from her neck down to the dip in her cleavage, lifting one brow and eye only, my head still dipped, “that’s an awful sweet offer.”

Her breathing hitches and the once-ivory skin exposed by the low cut top flushes under my touch. She darts her eyes around and I watch them settle and come back to me when her plan’s decided. Taking my hand, she practically runs as she leads me across the gravel lot and in between two random buildings.

Once we’re out of blatant sight, she’s on me, her frantic, seeking hands barely able to decide what to unzip or lift first, her mouth sloppy and unskilled on my chin, then my neck.

“Hey, hey,” I chuckle, using slight force on her shoulders to still her. “You’re gonna hurt somebody, woman.” I lean in, letting the tip of my nose graze her neck up and down a few times in a soothing rhythm. “Little calmer?” I murmur.

She whimpers, almost as if she’s in pain from being settled, but her touch is more controlled now as one hand sneaks into my open coveralls and under my sliders. “Ahhh,” she hums, like she found the prize without having to dig all the way to the bottom of the cereal box. In a flash, she’s on her knees in front of me, one hand moving clothing out of the way, the other gripping my dick like a vice.

“Easy,” I soothe her, running one hand along her hair. I’m actually apprehensive of having her so excited…and so close to my dick. I’d like to leave this makeshift hideaway unscathed. “Slow, sugar,” I croon. “I want it sweet and slow.”

That does the trick. Her eyes lock on me, seeking praise as she sucks as much as she possibly can down her throat.

“There ya go, just like that,” I mumble.

I’m about six licks away from the creamy center of my back alley blowjob when a sweet voice rings out, “Mariah?”

Ahhh, fuck. I squeeze my eyes shut, blocking out everything but the directive I’m mentally sending my cock to detonate before the owner of the voice calling out for my “new friend” finds us. I take over now, not usually one to force feed, but desperate times… I start face fucking her like a man with an hour left to live, cause I’m damn sure I’m gonna die coming. “Almost,” I pant, “don’t stop.”

“MARIAH?” Shit, the voice is much louder this time. Friend found us.

The first shot fires down her throat as my eyes fly open, head turning towards the sound of a surprised gasp. NO! No fucking way! This is an ejaculation hallucination, it’s gotta be. With odds like this, no one would bet on the races, the fortune to be had is in my bad fucking luck. I try to pull out, but Mariah latches on with a threatening hint of teeth. “I-I,” is all I manage, squeezing my eyes shut in humiliation.

“Oh, by all means, finish.” She snickers.

Shamefully, I do. In my defense, it’s not one of those things you can just stop. Mariah takes it all, an audible “pop” echoing against our surrounding walls when she pulls away and rises. I’d rather go blind, but I open my eyes, seeing her proudly beam as she wipes the corner of her mouth.

“Good thing I got you a drink, huh?” She mocks, stepping forward and offering one of the drinks she’s holding to Mariah. Then she looks down at my dick and back up at me and winks. “Not bad.”

I’m in shock, mentally willing my hand to stop shaking like a puss as I tuck myself back in, zipping up in embarrassment.

There she stands, the apparition of my every recent dream come to life at the most inopportune time imaginable. In all the scenarios I made up in my head about how, when, and where we’d finally meet again, I assure you this was not one of them. She looks even more incredible than I remember, far more perfect in real life than my dreams. I’d remembered a dime; she’s a fucking quarter and I don’t need change.

The purple streaks in her ebony hair are gone; she has long, deep brown locks with dark red tips now. She’s a bitty thing, maybe 5’3” tops, but her jean shorts, pockets hanging out, make her tan legs look deceptively longer than they are. On her feet are black cowboy boots that match a wide black belt that pulls my eyes to her rockin’ fucking hips.

Badass hair, cowboy boots and the face of an angel… she’s fucking Skittles—one package, every fucking flavor!

When I make it back up to her eyes, an almost unnatural dark green, like lush grass wet with morning dew, she’s got me locked in her crosshairs. She cocks her head at an angle and raises her eyebrows, silently and incredulously saying, “can I help you with something?” louder than actual words.

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