Entice:The Evolve Series, Book Three(9)

By: S.E. Hall

“Okay.” She looks back as they walk away and I give her the best smile I can muster.


“Sawyer, your phone’s ringing.”

So answer it, dumbass.

“Sawyer, it’s Dane. You want me to grab it?”

I think I manage a thumbs up.

“Hey, drink this, Dane’s on his way to come get you.”

I lift my head and see that I am… Huh. I’m shitface plastered, sitting at The K. “What?”

Kasey’s behind the bar, pushing a drink towards me. “Drink up, man. Dane’s on his way to come get you.”

“What time is it? Who called Dane?” My mouth tastes like ass, my voice a gravelly inconvenience much like sandpaper across my skin.

“He called ten times and I finally answered it,” he explains. “And it’s three in the morning.”

I grab the glass and down it, bubbles tickling my nose. “What the fuck did I just drink?”

“Homemade hangover cure. You’ll thank me in the morning.” He laughs, turning to make me a refill.

Maybe it’s a play of the drunken mind, but I actually start to feel less fuzzy halfway through the second serving. “You should patent this shit, man. You’d be rich.”

“Alka Seltzer and Aleve might not like that. Finish it, your ride’s here.” He looks behind me and offers a shaky smile. “Hey, boss!”

“Thank you, Kasey,” Dane says through clenched teeth. “I’ll lock up, go ahead and head out.”

“Thanks, Kasey,” I mumble, turning to face my angry friend. “What’s up?”

“You tell me.” He pulls up the stool next to me. “Laney and I offer to take you out for a drink and you decline, yet you went and got hammered at your place of employment? Your phone broke? It’s three in the fucking morning; Laney cried herself to sleep, she was so damn worried!”

“Ugh,” I groan, letting my forehead drop on the bar. “I’m fine. I’ll apologize to her.”

“Yes, you will. Right after you tell me what the fuck is up with you. I’m done, Sawyer,” he says firmly, slamming his hand on the bar. “Start talking.”

“Can you even remember what you felt like before you met Laney?” I turn my face up to him. “Empty and meaningless and jealous of every happy motherfucker you knew?”

He nods, waiting patiently for me to go on.

“She was there, at the race. Now she thinks I’m shit before we even really meet.”

“Who is she?”

“Skipper Stripper, the most beautiful girl on Earth. And her voice, ahhh,” I moan, letting my head fall back and my eyes drop closed. “Her fucking voice, those lips—my God. And she’s cool! I knew it!”

“Why would she think badly of you?”

I rub my both my hands furiously over my head. “She may have walked up on me gettin’ a blowjob.”

“At the race?”

“At the race.”

“Only you.” He shakes his head back and forth. “So we’re talking about the girl from Parker’s party, right?”


“Sawyer, that was months ago. That’s some serious pining time you’ve put in, bud. What if she’s not everything you’ve built her up to be?”

I turn to him, thinking about it for a minute. “What if she is?”

He stands, giving me a knowing smile. “What if she is? Come on,” he pats my shoulder, “let’s go home.”


Interview with a Vixen


I’m stacking glasses, “Hurt” by Johnny Cash cranked up, when Dane comes strolling into The K. He reaches for the panel and turns down my soundtrack.

“How’s life? Any better?”

“Well, I fired Brock, the douchebag,” I grumble. He’s lucky I didn’t kick his ass while I was at it. “So I moved Kasey to security with a raise and myself behind the bar. Oh,” I snap, “and I finally figured out what the fucking fox says, so yeah, I’m golden.”

Chuckling, he hands me some papers. “Good to hear. I forgot I had this interview and Laney’s waiting for me. Could you do it?”

I skim over the resume he’s handed me. “What are we hiring for?”

“Waitress for nights and behind the bar for lunch if she wants it.”

“Yeah, I got it,” I assure him, not feeling like looking at his happy-in-love face. “Get outta here.”

“See ya, brother.” He slaps the bar and winks at me.

Why the fuck is he winking at me? God, I hope he gets some…from his WOMAN.

I start to make my way up the stairs to Dane’s office, not at all in the mood to play nice through an interview, when Dane calls out and stops me. “Sawyer?”

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