Final Exam

By: Natalie Deschain

Cindy crept out of her bedroom on the balls of her feet, stepping lightly to avoid making any sound. Her heart nearly skipped a beat when the door swung a little in the draft from the open window, and creaked. She continued in her mission unabated. She touched the door to her stepbrother’s room. It was unlocked. She carefully pushed it open, biting her lower lip, and edged inside. It was dark, and she waited for her eyes to adjust. She’d been waiting all year for this- he had to turn in some project for his final exam for one of his college courses. The project in question was on an unmarked rewritable DVD currently resting atop a pile of papers and books on his desk. She gingerly picked it up and replaced it with the one she’d made, and started creeping out of his room.

Until he rolled over, that is. He had, as they say, a tumescent glow. His thick dick strained against his shorts, trying valiantly to stand to its full, impressive height. Cindy’s mouth opened slightly and she sucked in an anticipatory breath. The first stage of the operation was more important. She pulled the door closed behind her, snuck past her room, and headed to the basement, where she’d store the file. She stopped on more time to look out the front windows. Their parents were away for the weekend. She had plenty of time. This was her last chance- she’d just turned nineteen, would be starting college herself in the fall, and it might never come up again.

Josh woke up. She heard him turn on his bed and put his feet on the floor. She got out of her bed and pressed herself to the wall, holding her ear against it. His computer beeped as it came on. She imagined him walking around in there still hard, his dick bobbing around in his pants, nagging him to ease his tension. She quivered with anticipation. She’d dreamed of this day for years, and she’d finally worked up the nerve to pull it off. His chair creaked as he sat down.

The whisper of “What the fuck?” sent a shiver up her spine.

It was quickly followed by hurried footsteps. She ran to the bed and rolled onto her back. She’d chosen her best red lace bra and panties for this. She thought about wearing stockings, but it felt weird. She leaned back on her pillow, drew one leg up, and twisted languidly to show off the tight muscles in her stomach. Josh threw the door open, took three steps in, and his jaw dropped. Her gaze swung down to his shorts. He was still halfway hard. Perfect.

“What the hell, Cindy?”

“I see you got my message.”

“I want my final project back. Now.”

She wagged her finger at him and made a tisk-tisk sound. “You want it? You have to pay for it.”

He raised an eyebrow. “How?”

She sighed, and rolled over onto her stomach. She arched her back and pulled her calves up to kick her feet in the air, flexing her ass and calves. She was glad she’d chosen a thong. The confused, hungry look in his eyes when he saw her ass, her most secret places hidden from him only by a thin strip of red silk, made her legs feel like jelly. If she’d stood up, she might have fallen over.

“Come on, Josh,” she said, looking over her shoulder. “I’m sure you know what to do with a girl.”

“No,” he said sharply. “Where’s my project?”

She mustered the will to swing her legs over the edge of the bed and stand up. She walked towards him slowly, swinging her hips, putting one foot in front of the other, arching her back to keep her breasts proud. He looked at her hungrily, but his fingers clenched into fists.

“Why don’t you strip search me?”

He shoved her full on by the shoulders. She stumbled two steps backwards and fell right on her backside with a thump, yelping she landed. Josh folded his arms.

“Just tell me where it is.”

“It’s in the basement, you big jerk,” she snapped, “In the box with the old magazines.”

She scrambled back across the floor and leaned against the side of her bed. She pulled her knees up to her chest and leaned on them, sniffing at the air, trying to bite back the first sob. It came as he walked out of the room, followed quickly by several more. She sat there in her sexy underwear, sobbing loudly, scrubbing at her face until her cheeks were raw. Josh returned a few minutes later, and stared at her in dumb silence.

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