Final Exam(3)

By: Natalie Deschain

“Come on,” she said, “Fuck me!”

He leaned over her as he pushed the head of his cock against her slit. The heat of him against her made her quiver, and she bit her lip as he made the first furtive push inside, staring into her eyes as he gave his hips a little roll to thrust his way in. She whimpered and he gasped.

“Are you a virgin?”

She nodded. Then, she sat up, pressing against him, put her hands on his hips, and pushed. With a grunt he sank into her and she threw her arms around his neck and fell backwards, pulling him into her, and threw her legs around him.

“Come on, big brother,” she purred in his ear, “Do me right.”

That was all he needed. He pumped into her, making her groan. He stopped, a slack look of terror on his face, until she relaxed and touched his cheek, still clamping around his hips with her legs. Grunting like an animal, Josh punched into her, taking her forcefully. Every thrust sent a wave through her, from her sex to the tips of her fingers and toes, and she nearly went limp. Josh fell on top of her, cradling her head in his hands, and his lips met hers. The heat from his kiss surged through her body and met the heat from between her thighs and the sensations mingled, grew. She could feel him pulsing, feel the pressure building as he grunted and strained. She was so hot, she was afraid she would sink through the floor.

Her comfortable ecstasy reached a sudden peak, then rolled over it. The world contracted to a tiny point and then spread out. Her body clenched so hard under him that she thought she was going to scream, and when the release finally came, she did, her legs quivering under him. She rolled on a sea of sensation, and when she felt him tighten, thrust into her with all his might, and release, she rolled over another wave and moaned, dragging her fingernails down his back. He kept pumping until the well was dry and went limp, still inside her. He rolled over, pulling her with him, until he was lying on the floor and she on top of him.

She slid off of him, landing face down on the carpet, panting. He rested his hand on his belly and stared up at the ceiling.

“I just had sex with my sister,” he said he a flat monotone.

“Yeah,” she said, “She liked it, too.”

She almost fell asleep. He was very quiet. She stood up, standing over him naked. He looked at her with lidded eyes, with the loving indifference a man can show a woman’s naked body only after he’s been inside her. She folded her arms under her breasts, quite deliberately lifting and squeezing them together for his benefit. His cock had a mind of its own, pulsing up into a half-rigid curve.

“It’s too bad.”

He lifted his head from the floor. “What?”

“It’s too bad the disk you found doesn’t have your project on it.”

“What? Where is it? You got what you wanted! I need it!”

She grinned hungrily at him. “It’s yours, if you can catch me.”

She bolted. She held her breasts to keep them from bouncing as she darted down the stairs. She heard him grunt, stumble to his feet, and thump out of her room, running barefoot across the carpet. She looked around, considered her options, and looked up at him from the bottom of the stairs.

“Meep meep!” she shouted, and ran for the back door. She undid the lock, slid it open, and ran barefoot across the deck.

“Cindy!” he shouted, still inside the house. “Someone will see you!”

She laughed. He was full of shit, for one. All of their neighbors were away for the holiday, and in any case, a high privacy fence and hedges would keep their secrets. Mom and Dad had obviously planned that, for their nocturnal use of the pool. Josh ran naked after her, already hard again and flushed with excitement. She stood at the edge of the deck with her arm covering her nipples and her hand over her pussy. She fluttered her eyelashes at him and lifted her hand to give him a little flash, then ran down the steps and barefoot across the cool grass. Her feet hit concrete and she threw her arms out to belly flop, bare-assed naked, into the pool.

Treading water, she turned around. Josh ran to the edge and without even thinking leapt in after her. Sputtering, he got his footing on the bottom and stood up, only for her to shove him, making him sink down into the water. When he came back up, she splashed him and swam hard, kicking her legs behind her. Josh grabbed her calves and yanked her back, spinning her around, and she yelped. She flailed in the water but was too strong, and he got his arms around her. In the cool water their bodies pressed together, and she put her arms around him. He was panting, his eyes wide. Under the water, his hands sliding over her back as he touched her shoulder and cupped her ass felt different somehow, his skin even smoother. She leaned into his shoulder and closed her eyes.

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