Finding Leigh:Dark Horse Inc. Book 3

By: Amy J. Hawthorn

Dark Horse Inc. Book 3

Chapter 1

Addie’s thirteen-year-old heart beat against her breastbone so hard she felt it all the way to her ears. Palms sweating, she followed the creepy guy through the woods. Although she’d been on her own for a long time, living in what little was left of her family’s old house, she’d never dealt with anything this scary. She didn’t know what the bad guy would do if he heard her, but she knew it wouldn’t be good.

There has to be some way I can help her!

The pretty woman who always left food and stuff for Addie dangled limply over the bad guy’s shoulder. The setting sun cut through a break in the trees, glinting in brown hair so long it almost touched the ground. It waved back and forth against the back of his strong looking legs as he climbed the narrow path.

She wished she had one of her grandfather’s old guns, but no, her good-for-nothing father sold them at the pawn shop the day after her grandpa died. She had the phone from the rich guy who always came with the pretty woman in her pocket. She’d been playing with it, learning how to use the camera and flashlight things. She hoped it would be of use now because she didn’t know what else to do. She just knew she had to do something.

Addie thought she knew where he was going, but she didn’t want to make any noise by using the phone to call for help. Judging by all the gunfire she’d heard, there still might be trouble at her house.

Her home.

She knew it wasn’t much more than a shithole, but it was all she’d ever known. Now she wouldn’t be able to stay there ever again. It hadn’t been a true home since well before the police had come and taken her dad and his drug making stuff. She hadn’t even cared as she’d hid in the woods and watched them put him in the back of the police car. She thought maybe she should have felt bad for him or something, but all she could think about was a long time ago when the little house had been a happy place. From the day her grandpa had died from a heart attack, things had only grown more bleak. After her mom had gotten drunk and crashed her car into a tree, there hadn’t been anymore good memories.

There’s nowhere for me to go. My people are all gone.

The guy slowly stepped out into the clearing where her mom’s older cousin used to live. Her trailer had burned down not long after she died and no one had ever done anything with it. With his gun in one hand and the other arm around the lady’s legs, he walked to a shiny black car. He opened the passenger door and put her inside then quietly shut the door. Afterward, he got in the driver’s side and started the engine.

A picture. She could take a picture of the license plate. Her shaky fingers fumbled over the buttons until she found the right one. She waited until the car turned around to pull out, then she snapped a picture. And then another, just to be sure she didn’t mess up.

She blinked and the car was gone.

As the leader of Dark Horse Inc. and former Army, Rick Evans wasn’t used to feeling helpless. But right then, his gut twisted with hollow panic he could neither control nor combat. He needed out of this ridiculous bed, needed to find a way to help Leigh, but instead they had him trapped in the damn emergency room.

His instincts clamored, urging him to get up and move. Leigh’s hourglass was almost out of sand and her abductor, Marcus Sutton, was not the kind of bastard to twiddle his thumbs. He wanted Leigh for a reason that was anything but good.

Rick’s own rules, the very base that he’d built Dark Horse Inc. on, mocked him. From day one, he and Trent Dawson—his closest friend and right-hand man—agreed that they would never take a mission if it posed a risk to anyone on their team. Years ago, when they’d served in Afghanistan, they’d lost one of their team. The pain had blindsided them.

When Rick had called in a few of their friends to help protect Trent’s woman, his friend had urged him to make Dark Horse Inc. official. Over time Rick had, but they’d always agreed that their team’s safety came first. That meant no matter how badly they wanted otherwise they never acted without proper intel, surveillance, and planning.

Trent would lock Rick down and start on all those very things they’d sworn to live by.

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