Flirt(The Anita Blake Series)

By: Laurell Kaye Hamilton



HOW DO I get my ideas? How do I know it’s enough for a book? How do I work?


I get these questions so often that when the idea for this book, Flirt, came to me, I decided to pay attention to the entire process from initial idea to finished product. You can read the novel and then read the nonfiction piece at the end of this book that tells the real-life event that inspired Flirt.


And once you’ve read the book and essay, you’ll get cartoons. No, really—cartoons from Jennie Breeden of “The Devil’s Panties.” The comics are her take on the event that inspired it all. If you read the essay or peek at the cartoons you will spoil some of the surprise of the novel. So, no peeking, okay? Think of it as a spoiler alert. You have been warned.


Now turn the page and enjoy spending some quality time with Anita Blake.

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