By: Ashley Hall



She slammed my bedroom door shut. Damn, that wasn’t smart. We weren’t alone. The house held too many people, too many nosey people.

“You were supposed to sneak into my room,” I whispered. I’d wanted to go to hers, but she’d insisted. April liked to pretend she was in charge.

The beautiful eighteen-year-old didn’t say anything. Already she was pawing at me, rushing to undress me. Her hands yanked my shirt out of my jeans and she struggled to get it up and over my head.

“April.” I touched her wrists, halting her efforts. “There’s no need to rush.”

She narrowed her blue eyes at me. “I can’t stay here too long. If we get caught…”

“Don’t worry so much.” My finger traced along her jawline. At her sharp inhale, I grinned. “Why not make the most of our time—”

“Exactly.” April resumed trying to yank my shirt over my head.

I couldn’t help laughing. Her sense of urgency was turning me on. No matter how much I’d have liked to fuck her right that second, teasing her was just so much more fun. At least for now.

Her lower lip jutted out in a cute pout. “Why are you laughing?”

“Why not make the most of our time by enjoying ourselves for every…” my fingers brushed her hair from her shoulders, “…single…” I leaned closer and blew air onto her neck, and she shivered in response, “…second?” I kissed her just beneath her earlobe.

She moaned and held still, but only for a moment. Obviously, she’d given up on removing my shirt because now her hands were reaching for my belt.

I suppressed another laugh. “Nah uh uh.”

This time, I grabbed her wrists and didn’t let go. With each step, I forced her backward until her legs bumped against my bed. She didn’t resist as I lay her down and pinned her there, straddling her.

“No more rushing,” I demanded.


“Slow and steady wins the race.”

She squirmed beneath me. “Who wants slow?”

“I am not a two-second man.”

“That’s good to know,” she murmured. Her hips lifted to rock against my cock. Damn, that felt amazing. When I didn’t pull away or stop her, she rubbed harder and faster, her breathing started to become heavy.

Laughing, I put some distance between us. No more dry humping.

“Ugh!” She closed her eyes and turned her face away.

“Stop rushing and you’ll get what you want. I’ll give you what you need.”

“You promise?” She peeked with one eye.

To answer, I kissed her. The first time I had kissed her, I had to press my tongue against her lips to part them. Now, she opened her mouth willingly for me. My tongue invaded her mouth, and I had to stop myself from grinding against her. It wouldn’t have been right for me to boast about my stamina and then come before I even entered her.

When I broke off the kiss to catch my breath, April giggled. “That wasn’t a slow kiss,” she teased.

I let out a snort. She was right. I had to keep my advice in mind. There wasn’t a reason to rush…as long as we kept quiet and didn’t wake anyone.

“You want slow?” I asked, my voice low. “I’ll give you slow.”

“No. I—”

I swallowed her outcry with a soft, quick kiss. My lips then touched along her jawline over to the right, to her ear. “Trust me,” I murmured.

I pulled back to look down at her. Eyes closed, she nodded.

Good. Maybe she’d listen this time.

More kisses along her jawline to her other ear, then I sucked gently on her neck.

“Oh…” She sighed.

As long as she was quiet. If we were alone, I’d want her to scream, I’d make her scream. I had to settle for quiet moans tonight.

I pulled her shirt out of her skirt and placed my hands on her flat stomach, still kissing her neck. April shifted slightly beneath me. She was already getting desperate again. Couldn’t say I didn’t blamed her. I knew I was torturing her. If I kept this up much longer, I’d be torturing myself too. A good kind of torture.

Inch by inch, I moved my hands up higher until I wiggled them beneath her bra. Her boobs were ripe and full, and I squeezed them. We both hadn’t changed out of our clothes into our pajamas despite the late hour. Well, I slept in my boxers. April probably slept in a nightgown. A skimpy one…a sheer one.

My cock was growing harder by the second, straining against my jeans. Maybe she sensed it, or maybe she was growing more impatient, but April grabbed my face and pulled me down for a long, deep kiss while she pushed her body against mine, smashing her boobs into my hands, grinding her pelvis and making my cock twitch.

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