Forever My Lady

By: Mia Madison

Steamy Older Man Younger Woman First Time Romance



Ezekiel Elliott was on one knee, telling me I was the most beautiful girl in the world. He smiled and the rest of the Dallas Cowboys cheered when I accepted his proposal. This was the day I’d been waiting for.

He stood and pulled me closer for a kiss. Right as our lips touched, a train blared in our direction.

Beeeeeeep. Beeeeeeep. Beeeeeeep.

Leave it to my alarm to mess everything up. I rolled onto my stomach and groaned. It was 6:30 AM on Monday morning. I pressed the stop button on my iPhone, and then unlocked it to check my messages.

They say we weren’t as addicted to technology even ten years ago. That you had to get up and leave your bed in order to check your email.

I say: Thank God times have changed.

Facebook, as usual, was dry. All the good action was on Instagram and Snapchat.

I scrolled through videos of friends out having fun. Many were watching football and basketball games at sports bars, or posting more outtakes from fight night.

I simply uploaded a meme. It was a picture of a cat, eyes rolled back, saying “Blame it on the Weekend.”

My email was full of submission confirmations. I was a recent college graduate of Texas Southern University, also known as TSU. My major was accounting, something I figured would help me land a nice job with a generous salary. I mean, who doesn’t need a numbers expert in their office?

Unfortunately, all of my interviews haven’t gone well. Employers expected you to have 2-5 years of experience, something hard to come by, in order to pay you something worth getting out of bed for.

Rent wasn’t horrible, but I couldn’t pay rent without work, and my savings were dwindling quick. As if that weren’t enough, my landlord planned to raise the rent when my lease ended next month.

Getting another job was not an option. I just had no idea when I would land one that could at least afford me the luxury of buying Ramen after my expenses and loans were paid.



“Ms. Valenti?”

“Yes.” I stood, nodding in affirmation to my name.

I was at Houston Financials, a prestigious accounting firm located in downtown Houston. The interview was last minute on Friday. I’d received the invitation via email after my best friend, Erika, referred me for the position. She’d done an internship there, worked part time, and offered a transition to full time when she graduated this semester.

“Hello, I’m Nicole.” The woman extended her hand, as well as that pseudo-friendly smile interviewers are known to have. The first thing I noticed were her lips. They were outlined beyond her natural lip line, an attempt to mimic the Kylie Jenner look. The rest of her makeup was clean, but the lips were distracting.

Nicole escorted me to her office, told me to sit, and closed the door. She shuffled through papers, telling me she apologized, that things had been busy, and “stuff was everywhere.” After about thirty seconds, she had clearly given up. She pushed the papers to the side, clicked on her desktop, and crossed her legs.

“Tell me about yourself?” She attached a clinical smile to her expression.

“Well I’m 22 years old, originally from Dallas, but came here for TSU. I graduated with a finance degree, and I’m seeking an opportunity to use my skills with a company that values growth, precision, and loyalty.”

“I see…” Nicole smiled. “What interested you in finance?”

“I find numbers fascinating. They operate with clarity, and numbers don’t lie,” I said. “When you look at the numbers of a company long enough, they begin to tell a story, and that story can help you figure out where the company is going, and what opportunities and weaknesses lie ahead.”

I smiled, my genuine show of interest.


I didn’t like the tone of that remark.

Keep smiling. Stay poised.

“This company is one of local prestige. Houston Financials deals with clients whose accounts amass a minimum of $1.5 million. We deal with nothing less. Tell me about your experience.”

My pause one of thoughtful reflection. She wasted no time getting to the tough questions. I couldn’t play with her. Not that I would play with one of the most prestigious financial firms Houston had to offer. The salaries here according to Glassdoor were insane. Even entry level employees made generous amounts.

“My father’s firm manages sizable contracts. During summer and holiday breaks, I would perform backup accounting and maintenance to make sure the books were in order. Sometimes I’d find an error and correct it.”

“I once helped us correct an error that saved nearly $300,000,” I added. My chest poked out slightly. I was very proud of that accomplishment.

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