Four Week Fiance(10)

By: J. S. Cooper & Helen Cooper

“I’m not a lesbian, asshole.” I turned around and walked towards my bedroom. “I told you I’m seeing a guy.”

“Oh yeah, you did say something about some putz,” he said, following me into my bedroom. “Where is he? Hiding under your bed?”

“He doesn’t need to hide under the bed.” I turned around and glared at him.

“Oh?” His eyes narrowed and he looked at my unmade bed and then back at me. “Don’t you make your bed anymore, Mila? It looks like a mess.”

“You’re not my dad and yes, I do make my bed. Just not today. I had a late night,” I said, which wasn’t technically a lie. I did make my bed. Every time I knew my parents were coming over, or when I was having friends over— except for Sally. I didn’t bother making my bed every time I knew Sally was coming over. She didn’t care that I was messy. Well, at least not now that we didn’t live together.

“A late night?”

“Yes, with my man,” I said emphatically and fell down on the mattress and closed my eyes, letting out a loud sigh as I rolled around on the disheveled sheets. “We had a really late night. Sorry if I didn’t make the bed this morning, but I was worn out,” I croaked out, lying like crazy. I had gone to bed late, but not because of any guy. I’d stayed up all night watching episodes of GRΣΣK on Netflix, while simultaneously stalking one of the actors on Instagram. If things weren’t going to work out with TJ, they might work out with Scott Michael Foster. He was a decent second option, if I ever had the chance to meet him.

“Hey,” I squealed as I felt TJ pulling me up abruptly from the bed. My eyes flew open and I stared at his angry face with an emotion akin to glee. “That hurt,” I said as I stood next to him and rubbed my arms.

“Do you think it’s appropriate for you to be talking about your casual sex with your unknown man-friend and then to be reliving the memories in your mind while rolling around on your bed?” His green eyes flashed at me. “Do you think your parents would approve of your behavior?”

“Huh?” I said, my jaw dropping. “What are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about the little moans you were making as you wiggled around on the bed just now.” He frowned. “I don’t want the image of you having casual sex in my mind, thank you very much.”

“It’s not casual sex,” I said with a glare. “We’re in a loving relationship.”

“Really?” TJ said with a smirk. “A loving relationship? Yet no one in your family has ever heard of this guy?”

“Of course they have.” I put my hands on my hips and stared at him.

“No, they haven’t,” he said with a self-assured smirk. “I asked Cody last night if he had met your boyfriend. And he seemed very confused and he asked your parents and none of them had any clue you were dating anyone, let alone in a loving relationship.”

“Whatever, jerk.” I turned away, fuming. I should have known he’d ask my parents about my boyfriend. TJ was the sort of guy who knew exactly what he was doing. You could never get the best of him in any situation. He was always ten steps ahead of me, even before I knew to start counting.

“I’m not a jerk. I just wanted to meet this new guy in your life. See if I thought he was going to be a good addition to the family.”

“Yeah, right.” I rolled my eyes, knowing that everyone was going to be calling me soon to get more information on my paramour. I was surprised Nonno hadn’t shown up already and done his “I have Mafioso friends” bit.

“I see I had nothing to worry about.” TJ ran his hand through his dark hair. “Your relationship isn’t that serious.”

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