Four Week Fiance(4)

By: J. S. Cooper & Helen Cooper

I know, I know—I shouldn’t be fantasizing about my brother’s best friend like this. I grew up with him, he’s an asshole who teased me mercilessly, and I know he’s a player, but all I can say is he’s hot and I can’t help that my body catches fire when I see him. He’s all that I can think of every night before I fall asleep, and so I’ve decided to see if I can take our relationship to the next level. I mean, we did share a special kiss when I was 18. It was hot. But it freaked him out. He was 24, and to him, kissing me was akin to being a pedo. However, I’m no longer 18 and I want him to know that in every way possible. That’s why I’m planning on trying to seduce him this weekend. It will be hard with so many people around, but I’ve come up with a plan.

“That’s our bestseller.” The sales lady beamed at me as I fingered the sexy underwear. “It’s called the Lacy Suspender set. It’s guaranteed to get your man all hot and bothered.”

“I can see that.” I grinned back at her as I played with the soft, flimsy material. “It’s very hot and sexy.” And it really was. The only worry in my mind was what my parents would think if they saw me cavorting around in this get-up. It was a bit risky to attempt to wear sexy underwear on a family trip, but what option did I have? It wasn’t as if TJ and I hung out on the regular. I didn’t really see him unless there was a family event he was invited to, and Cody didn’t invite me to hang out with him much outside of that.

“Yes, it is.” She winked. “But then again, all of our stuff at Agent Provocateur is sexy.”

“That’s true.” I nodded as I looked back down at the barely-there bra and panties with matching suspenders. “How much?”

“Only one hundred and ninety, miss.” She continued smiling at me as my stomach dropped. $190? For almost non-existent underwear? I bit my lower lip as I stood there. That would almost deplete my bank account and I knew I couldn’t use my parents’ credit card. Not here at a lingerie store. Especially because I was only supposed to use it for emergencies, now that I was an adult and out of college. I knew that they wouldn’t think that seducing TJ was an emergency. “Will that be cash or credit?” The sales lady’s voice was sharp, and I could tell from the look in her eyes that she was worried she’d just wasted the last twenty minutes with a customer who might not be able to pay.

“I’ll use my debit card,” I said and grabbed my wallet from my bag, my heart beating rapidly. Bye bye, $200, but hello to TJ in my bed.


“Sally, my parents are going to kill me. Nonno is going to kill me. This might be the last time you talk to me. I think they’re going to send me back to Italy.”

“First off, why would this be the last time I talk to you? They do have phones in Italy. And secondly, how can they send you back to Italy? You’re not from there. And lastly, your nonno is not going to kill you. You’re his favorite granddaughter.”

“Yeah, I’m his favorite, but when he figures out what I did, he’s going to have a heart attack,” I muttered as I stared at myself in the mirror. “He’s going to wish he was back in Napoli.”

“He never lived in Napoli,” Sally said matter-of-factly and I groaned loudly.

“You know what I mean. They are going to be upset.”

“What exactly did you do?” Sally said impatiently. I could imagine her rolling her blue eyes as she waited to hear about the latest situation I’d gotten myself into.

“I went and bought some sexy underwear, and now I’m kinda broke,” I said softly, dreading telling my story.

“Sexy underwear?” Sally’s voice was dry. “Not for this weekend with your parents at the lake house?”

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