Four Week Fiance(6)

By: J. S. Cooper & Helen Cooper

“Oh, Nonno,” Sally said, giggling. “I miss him,” she said softly and I felt wistful as I lay back on my bed and spoke to her.

“Me too,” I said with a small sigh. “I don’t get to see him as often as I’d like to. Maybe we can take him to dinner in a couple of weeks. I know he’d love to see you as well.”

“Of course,” Sally said. “That sounds great. Hopefully your folks won’t have packed you back to the motherland before then.”

“Well, you know, if they find a nice Roma boy...” I said, my voice trailing off as I thought about all the times my parents had threatened to ship me off to Italy to get married. Which I thought was pretty hilarious, seeing as my father wasn’t even of Italian descent. His ancestors were from England, and Nonno had taken a while to warm up to him when he was wooing my mom as a teenager.

“Haha, imagine you living in Rome?” Sally laughed. “I’ve got to go, though. Are you going to be okay? Or do you need to talk some more about your sexy underwear and how you’re horrible with money?”

“Whatever, Sally.” I giggled and sat up. “I’m fine. I’ll talk to you later.”

“Okay, bye.” She laughed. “Try not to buy any whips or anal beads before tomorrow morning.”

“Funny—not!” I said and hung up. I looked at the stack of clothes on my bed and then at my suitcase, and groaned. I wasn’t sure what I was going to wear and I wasn’t sure exactly what activities we’d be doing, but I needed to minimize the amount of clothes I was taking. The pile was high, even for me.

Chapter Two


July 14th, 2011

Dear Diary,

I am going to marry TJ Walker. Yes, I said marry. I am predicting that I, Mila Brookstone, will one day marry TJ Walker. Yes, I’m only 18 and yes, we’re not in a relationship, but I know it will happen. How do I know? Because last night was the most magical night of my life. Last night TJ Walker kissed me. Yes, he kissed me. No tongue and not for long, but it was the most perfect kiss I’ve ever had in my life. Even better than kisses with Channing Tatum. Not that I’ve kissed him, but I’ve thought about what sort of kisser he would be and I think that TJ is better. You heard it here first!! I’m going to marry TJ Walker. That is, if he doesn’t annoy me too much first.



Thursday, One Week Ago

I stared at my suitcase with a happy smile. I was finally packed. Well, I had two stacks of outfits: one stack was causal-sexy and the other stack was sexy-sexy. I was trying to decide if I should try and go full-out seduction mode on TJ or to try and play it a little bit cooler. Sally advised that I play it cooler because she doesn’t want me to embarrass myself if it doesn’t work out. Because yes, now she is coming as well. Sally always has an open invite to come, but this year she thought she’d be busy with work, but three days ago she found out she has the time off. So now she’s coming to the lake house and she is planning on going into cool seduction mode this weekend, only not with TJ—thank God. She’s after my brother, Cody. Eww. But who am I to stop her?

My only problem is, if both of us are successful with our seduction plans, what are my parents going to think is going on? We can’t just disappear, and there is no way we can have sex at the lake house. The rooms are not soundproof. I mean, I can try and be quiet, but if TJ is as good a lover as he is in my dreams, it’s going to be hard. And let’s just say that Sally will have a bigger problem than me. I lived with her in college and trust me, she doesn’t know what the word quiet means. I giggled as I picked up two different bikinis and tried to decide which one to take with me, when the phone rang. I knew the weather would be slightly cold and the water would be even colder, but I knew my body temperature adjusted pretty quickly to the water.

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