Four Week Fiance 2(10)

By: J. S. Cooper & Helen Cooper

“Morning, sunshine.” TJ’s voice was silky and smooth as he picked up the phone.

“Morning,” I said. “I have some bad news.”

“What bad news?” His tone changed and I swallowed hard. Sally was shaking her head at me and frowning.

“Are you crazy?” she whispered. “I was joking.”

“I can’t come tonight,” I said softly as I smiled at Sally. I needed to be a good friend more than I needed to be a good fake fiancée.

“What are you talking about?” TJ’s voice was angry.

“I have to do something else tonight.”

“You have a date?” His tone was deadly and I shivered. Who knew that he would get so pissed off so quickly? And why would he think I had a date?

“Um, not technically,” I squeaked out.

“Not technically?” he said softly, slowly, and I waited for him to continue before speaking. “What does that mean, Mila? Do I have to remind you of our deal? Of the contract that you signed?”

“TJ, I’m just going out with Sally,” I said quickly before he started getting carried away. “She’s feeling down.”

“Mila.” Sally glared at me.

“I mean, she wanted us to go out and see if we meet the men of our dreams.” I paused as I listened to the silence on the other side of the phone. Even Sally was looking at me with a shocked expression. “That came out wrong,” I said in a quiet tone. “TJ?” I asked, wondering what he was thinking.

“You want to bow out of your obligation tonight so you can go and tart yourself up and meet strange men?”

“I didn’t say I was going to tart myself up and I said the men of our dreams, our soul mates, not strange men.”

“So you want to meet the man of your dreams tonight and then come and fuck me tomorrow night? What are you going to tell him if he asks you out? ‘Sorry, I can’t go because the other man I’m seeing wants to bend me over and fuck me?’ ”

“TJ,” I gasped, aghast, but also slightly turned on.

“What?” he said and chuckled, but he didn’t sound amused. “I guess that was slightly wrong. I should have said that you want me to fuck you as badly as I want to. I’m sure your panties are wet right now, aren’t they?” His voice became lower and rougher. “I bet you’re wishing I were with you right now so I could spank that ass and pull those panties to the side as I bend you over and slam into you from behind.”

“I’m going to the mall to buy a new dress,” I said stiffly as I changed the subject, embarrassed that I was feeling turned on by his words, and in front of Sally who was looking at me with a quizzical expression. “The dress is for your party tonight,” I continued. “So I’ll be using the credit card you gave me.”

“So now you’re coming?” he said in a tone that said he’d achieved exactly what he’d wanted. “I guess you’re missing my big—”

“TJ!” I almost shouted as I cut him off. “You’re too much.” I rolled my eyes at Sally, whose eyes at narrowed at me. “Yes, I’m coming,” I said stiffly. “I’ll let Sally cry herself to sleep while we’re out partying.”

“Oh, we’ll be doing a lot more than partying,” he said in an amused tone, his voice deep. “Maybe tell her you’ll be getting the fuck of your life. Maybe that will make her feel better about being ditched.”

“You’re disgusting,” I said, as I felt my stomach stirring.

“You don’t feel that way when I’m inside of you. You didn’t feel that way when I had you up on that roof. You didn’t feel that way the other morning when I was going down on you. You didn’t think I was disgusting when you—”

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