Four Week Fiance 2(6)

By: J. S. Cooper & Helen Cooper

That was different with Mila, though. I didn’t know why. I didn’t want to think about it too hard. She was just someone who’d been in my life for a long time and that was why it affected me differently. She was an innocent, not used to the games of men. I was going slowly, treading carefully because I cared about her feelings. I was still a bastard, though. If I weren’t, I never would have taken her in the first place.

“Close your eyes,” I said as I dropped down to my knees and pulled my pants down. My hands slid up in front of her and grabbed her breasts and pinched her nipples as I positioned her in front of me. My right hand fell from her breast and I guided my hardness inside of her. I could feel her quivering on me and it only made me grow harder. To know I had this power over her . . . that I could make her body come for me . . . that I could make her want me more than she’d ever wanted anything before. This was power. This was greatness.

“TJ,” she screamed out as I pounded into her, hard, leaving nothing to chance. I slid in and out of her, guiding my cock as if commanding a great naval fleet. I stared out at the night sky as I felt her coming hard, screaming out my name, and as I felt myself withdraw from her and spurt onto the roof, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of guilt, with my pride. This wasn’t what it was about. This wasn’t a moment to be proud of, though I couldn’t stop myself from grinning down at her as she beamed up at me. My lips were smiling, but my eyes and heart felt dead. I had no idea what I was doing here, to her. All I knew was that I was in over my head.

Chapter Two


“Which one?” I held up two dresses to Sally and frowned as she looked at them with an unimpressed expression on her face. “Too dowdy?”

“Not if you’re going to Sunday school,” she said, even-faced. “And you’re teaching it. And you’re the priest’s wife.”

“Ha ha, very funny.” I rolled my eyes at her. “I don’t know what to wear. This is the first time I’ll be meeting the board of directors and the major shareholders. I don’t want to let TJ down.”

“I thought you met them already?”

“I met the board of directors, but not the shareholders as well.” I sighed. “This is the first really, really important party. I’ll be left alone. People will be asking me questions, judging me.” I made a face. “I just don’t want to let TJ down.”

“Ask me if I care if you let TJ down.” She pursed her lips and then smiled, a slow, totally innocent-looking smile. “I will help you pick a dress though.”

“Hmm, what’s the catch?” I narrowed my eyes as I gazed at her devious-looking face.

“What catch?” She grinned.

“Well, why are you so eager to help if you think TJ is a douchebag?”

“Just because I think he’s a douche, doesn’t mean you do.” She shrugged. “Plus, I want you to look so sexy tonight that he’s not going to want to keep his hands off of you, but he’ll have to because this is a party with business associates.”

“You’re totally devious.” I laughed at her. “But I like it. However, it can’t be too sexy. Nothing that says I’m a hooker or a high-class escort.”

“What about low-class escort?”

“Sally.” I glared at her.

“Just joking.” She giggled and headed to my closet. “Okay, let me see what you have in here.” She rifled through my dresses and then looked at me. “I don’t suppose he’ll give you a credit card for a new dress?”

“He already gave me one.” I made a face and sighed. “My wardrobe sucks, doesn’t it?”

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