Hands on with the CEO

By: Cathryn Fox

Chapter One

Alexis Cassidy stood inside the grand villa overlooking the breathtaking Mediterranean Sea and tried to keep her jaw from dropping. She hadn’t flown halfway across the country, to babysit for some rich CEO in Athens, only to come across looking like a corn-fed Iowa farm girl—one whose idea of luxurious living involved late night pizza delivery. And to think this beautiful seaside mansion was merely her employer’s summer home. Heck, maybe she should forget about finishing her English degree and get involved in the software industry instead.

“Alexis,” Mr. Georgiou greeted, a dazzling smile on his boyish face as he stepped farther into the airy entranceway.

“Mr. Georgiou,” she responded in return, working to keep an air of professionalism about her, a difficult task considering the sudden jolt of sexual awareness turning her scholarly brain to mush. Chatting with her new employer and his four-year-old daughter over Skype was one thing, but seeing her new boss in the flesh was quite another. Not only was he smoking hot, he had an air of badness about him. Everything from his dark, sexy eyes, the rebellious length of his hair, to the confident way he moved had lust exploding inside her. As her body registered every delicious inch of him—and from the bulge in his jeans, he clearly had many delicious inches—she blew a long strand of hair off her face and shifted her purse to conceal the telltale hardening of her nipples.

The soles of his shoes tapped on the marble floor as he closed the distance between them and perfect white teeth flashed against his rich olive complexion when he said, “Welcome to our summer home.”

Alexis extended her arm for a shake, but Mr. Georgiou put his hands on her shoulders and kissed her on both cheeks, one of the many Greek customs she’d read about before beginning her overseas journey. He crowded her as his mouth brushed one cheek and then the other, his warm minty breath washing over her face in scintillating ways. Hyperaware of his closeness, she became very aware of just how young and athletic he was, very aware of the way her body reacted when he pressed against her, his soft lips so damn close to hers.

So damn close...

Behind her Mr. Georgiou’s limousine driver placed her luggage on the marble tile floor. “Will that be all, sir?” he asked, and Alexis inched back, thankful for the distraction before she did something that could only embarrass them both, something like angle her head so his lips landed squarely on hers.

She turned to the driver and worked to regain her composure; pretending her boss’s close proximity and feel of his lips brushing her cheeks hadn’t turned her knees to rubber or warmed her in all the wrong places. Exhaling slowly, she reached for her purse to give the driver a tip.

“I’ve got this, Alexis,” Mr. Georgiou said in a thick Greek accent that sent little shivers skittering up her spine. He pulled out his wallet and stepped past her, the warm sandalwood scent of his skin curling her toes and teasing all her senses as it enveloped her. The muscles on his forearms bunched beneath the rolled up sleeves of his light blue dress shirt and it was all Alexis could do not to drool.

The man was a freaking Greek God!

She knew he was young and good looking when she’d Skyped with him a few weeks back, but the distorted image on her tablet didn’t do the man justice. She also knew his multimillion-dollar software company had landed him and his partner on Forbes’ “30 under 30” list. The man was smart, successful, driven.


Of course he hadn’t always been single, but after losing the love of his life during the birth of their daughter four years ago, he’d become reclusive for a time, removing himself from the public’s eyes. He reappeared as—according to the rag mags—one of Europe’s richest, most eligible bachelors. Photos of him filled the tabloids, a different woman on his arm in every shot. Rumors of relationships were immediately shot down, the captions always reading the same: according to a close personal friend, Mr. Georgiou and his current companion deny rumors of commitment...

Alexis liked his way of thinking. She wasn’t in the market for a full-time partner, either. Nor was she looking for love. She simply wanted a man to help her get in touch with her sexual self, and to teach her a thing or two in the bedroom. She cringed as she thought about the one and only guy she slept with at last year’s football party. She was pretty sure he was simply giving the chubby girl a pity fuck, and when it was over, College Boy walked away and told his buddies she wasn’t just fat, she was frigid.

The whole experience had been horrible and embarrassing. Not only had the reputation clung like a sweaty sports sock, following her around her entire first year of college, it was the last football party she’d been invited to. Which was why she planned to go on a strict diet for the next two months, learn her way around the bedroom, and return home a new woman. Then she’d show them!

Her glance moved over Mr. Georgiou, taking pleasure in the self-assured way he moved. He certainly looked like the guy who could give her what she needed, but he was her boss, which meant he was completely off limits. Still, she couldn’t wait to text Melanie back home and tell her all about him.

As Mr. Georgiou spoke with his driver, Alexis stifled a yawn and waved to the little girl with the big brown eyes and thick dark hair as she ran into the foyer and latched on to her father’s leg. Sophie waved back, and then Alexis put her hands over her face to play peek-a-boo. With two younger brothers, and having spent her high school years babysitting for nearly every family on her block, Alexis was used to being around kids. Which was why, when the ad for an au pair went up on the bulletin board outside the student employment center at her college—an au pair who majored in English and could help Mr. Georgiou’s daughter refine her speech—she’d jumped all over it.

The benefits of taking the job were twofold. Not only did she need the money, which turned out to be a substantial sum, but rumor had it the men in Greece liked their women plump. With any luck she’d meet a hot guy during her time off from the job, gain a little more experience and learn to loosen up in the bedroom department before her upcoming sophomore year. A shiver moved through her. She never wanted to be called frigid again!

With the driver gone, her new boss turned back to her. “Alexis, it’s so finally nice to meet you in person,” he said, taking her right hand between his palms. “I’m sure you must be exhausted after travelling all day.”

“I’m a little tired,” she admitted. Actually she was exhausted. She’d gotten up at the crack of dawn, only to discover her flight had been delayed. She’d sat at the airport for hours, forcing herself to stay awake for fear of losing her luggage, and hadn’t touched down in Greece until late this evening.

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