Hawk's Property:Insurgents Motorcycle Club(10)

By: Chiah Wilder

The club whores didn’t live at the club, but hung around a lot, and were also available for any kind of sex whenever they were at the clubhouse. The whores didn’t wear the patch and could be thrown out or banned from the club at any time, and they were also expected to give pussy whenever a brother or two wanted it. No arguments. Lola and Brandi were the newest whores in the club.

Hoodrats were the party girls who came for four or five parties and then moved on. They came to the clubhouse to fuck, drink, and do drugs, but if they were caught with anything other than weed, their asses would be tossed out and they’d be banned from coming to the clubhouse again. Most hoodrats loved the excitement of free sex, dangerous biker men, and the “anything goes” attitude.

There was never a shortage of women. They were drawn to the bikes, the chrome, and the lifestyle. It was like having a bunch of groupies. It was the life—pussy and cock-sucking any time a brother wanted it.

Kristy, a tall, striking woman with auburn hair and clear blue eyes, came over to Hawk. She put her arms around him and crushed her big tits into his chest. “Hi, honey. Haven’t seen you around lately. I’ve missed you.”

“Hi, Kristy. Been busy, that’s all.”

She whispered in his ear, “I’ve missed our good fucking. You’ve got the best cock for my pussy.” She kissed him on his jaw line.

Hawk pushed her back gently. “Not today. I’m here to talk with the prez.”

“Come on, Hawk, give the lady what she wants. We all have time for a bit of fuckin’.” Jax laughed.

“Nah, I gotta talk with Banger. Another time, okay?”

Kristy pursed her lips into a pout and grabbed Hawk’s face. “You promise?”

“Sure, why not?”

As he left, Hawk felt Jax and Kristy staring at him. He heard Jax whistle and say, “Shit, I never thought I’d see the day Hawk would turn down some prime pussy.”

“Me neither. Now I’m hot and have no relief.”

“I’ll fix that. Come over here and let me fuck you good.” Kristy laughed and wrapped her arms around Jax’s neck.

Hawk turned back to see Kristy on her knees, pulling down Jax’s pants. He shook his head. When a bitch is horny, she’s gotta get her pussy filled.

Hawk opened Banger’s office door. President of the MC, Banger was a good ten years older than Hawk’s thirty-five, but he and Banger were as close as blood brothers. He respected and admired Banger. The dude had been through a lot with the death of his old lady, and raising his daughter, Kylie, all on his own. He deserved a lot of credit. It’d been hard on him watching his wife, Grace, succumb to ovarian cancer and still be there a hundred percent for the brothers. Shit, life sucked sometimes. Grace was the nicest old lady Hawk had ever known. Hell, she was the nicest woman he’d ever known, and she was six feet under, dying way too young and leaving a thirteen-year-old daughter motherless. He knew mean, nasty bitches who were going real strong. Life just didn’t make sense sometimes.

“Hawk, good to see you. Takin’ a break, or did you get hold of some great pussy?”

“Not that lucky yet. I met this hottie a few nights ago at Rusty’s, and fuck, did she have a body that moved so right.”

“Did you fuck her?”

“Nah, thought we were gonna, but her friend got drunk and kept puking her brains out. Kinda put an end to any pussy, you know?”

Banger laughed. “You’re getting old. There was a time you would have fucked that bitch with her friend’s puking as background music.”

Hawk smiled. That night at Rusty’s, he’d noticed Cara the minute he’d stepped into the bar. He was a tit man, all kinds of tits, but big tits always held a hot spot for him. And that sweet, sexy lady had his favorite kind. He could see his mouth kissing her breasts, his tongue circling her areola, then licking her nipples to stiffness. Fuck, he loved a soft, curvy woman with big breasts. He could get lost in them. If it was up to him, he’d have had his throbbing cock between those precious boobs before they even left the bar.

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