Hawk's Property:Insurgents Motorcycle Club(9)

By: Chiah Wilder

Hawk glared at her. “Listen, slut. If you wanna fuck, let’s do it. If you don’t, then fuckin’ get away from me. I don’t give a shit.”

Hawk started to leave when Crystal grabbed his arm. “Let’s go, handsome.”

He walked with Crystal toward the back room, wishing she had long, chestnut hair, green eyes, and big, soft tits.

Chapter Two

Walking into the Insurgents’ clubhouse, it took Hawk a minute to adjust his eyes to the low light. The smell of whiskey, tobacco, pot, and pussy washed over him. He loved the feeling of belonging, which hit him every time he came back after being gone for a few days. He loved all his brothers—well, almost all of them. A few he could do without, but they were still family.

“Hey, Hawk, where you been?” Jax patted him on the back.

Jax was one of the younger members. He grew up with the club, since his dad was a die-hard brother. Hawk remembered when Jax was a gangly teen who hung out at the club, asking him a ton of questions about Afghanistan, women, and guns. He smiled to himself. Jax had come a long way since then. Being a patched member and the Sergeant-At-Arms, he didn’t put up with bullshit. He was tough and never faltered, even when his dad was gunned down a few years before by a lone biker at Sturgis. Shit, Hawk couldn’t even imagine how hard that must’ve been for Jax. The guy had been attached at the hip to his dad, especially after Jax’s mother left him and his dad for another biker. Why are women such bitches? The title of Queen Bitch belonged to Hawk’s mother.

“So, what have you been up to?” Jax invaded Hawk’s thoughts.

“Not much, just working and customizing some bikes. How have things been around here?”

“The same.”

Hawk looked around and saw several of the members in various stages of fucking. A few mamas and club whores were sucking some members’ cocks, while a couple others were sucking dick while getting fucked at the same time. Yeah, everything was pretty much the same.

The Insurgents MC had different types of women: the old ladies, the mamas, the club whores, and the hoodrats. The old ladies were the women who held the club’s respect; they belonged to the members who claimed them, and they proudly wore their man’s property patch. The old ladies were envied by the mamas and the club whores.

The Insurgents had four old ladies. Banger’s old lady, Grace, had been the matriarch before she died. Now Doris, Ruben’s old lady, held the spot. Bernie was PJ’s old lady and Marlena was Billy’s, but she was usually pissed at him because he couldn’t keep his dick in his pants around the club whores and mamas; and the newest was Sofia. She was twenty-three years old, quiet, and madly in love with Tigger. Tigger was doing a stint in state prison in Canyon City for beating a man nearly to death in a barroom fight. When the guy disrespected Sofia, Tigger charged into him like a bull and received a five-year sentence in the state pen. In eighteen months, he’d be up for parole and Sofia marked each day off on her calendar, holding her breath that Tigger’s temper wouldn’t screw things up.

Mamas belonged to the club at large, and they wore the patch “Property of Insurgents” on their jackets. Mamas were the sexual equivalent of a public well—they were available whenever a member wanted pussy. They belonged to every member and were expected to consent to the sexual desires of any member, or visiting member, at any time. Because they were club property, they were protected by the club, and they lived in the small rooms in the clubhouse’s attic.

The Insurgents had three mamas, and they all wanted to be old ladies. Kristy desperately wanted to be Hawk’s. Most of the women who came through the clubhouse wanted to hook up with one of the brothers and be a girlfriend or an old lady.

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