Hellraiser (The Devil's Own #2)

By: Amo Jones

The Devil’s Own Book Two


Rubbing my dick into dirt was never my intention, but the way a cunt would contract itself around my shaft always had me yearning, no matter who the owner was.

Girls went in categories for me automatically. When I’d see a girl, my mind knew in less than two seconds whether I’d be delivering to her or not. And that didn’t go by how hot she was—although, of course that’s always a bonus. It went on her dick-taking abilities. You could tell a lot by the way a girl would carry herself. A whore could wear pigtails with her ass planted on a church bench on Sundays and I’d still be able to read the level of kink she had.

My taste was unusual, yes, but sometimes pussy was pussy, and judging by the way my firm grip was wrapped around this junkie’s throat, I’d say her abilities didn’t matter to me right now. Jessica Bryant was a preppy, rich bitch junkie with daddy issues. She chose to fill the void her parents left her while jet-setting around the world with blow. She was choosing to repay me in sexual services, only she didn’t know yet that I didn’t accept getting my dick wet as payment. If anything, she’d owe me more money.

“Yes.” Jessica’s back snapped, her ass pressing against my pelvic bone in a circular motion. I gripped onto her sharp hip bones, squeezing tightly. “Fuck me until I come, Hella,” she whispered in muffled tones, her face pressing into the pillow.

Bringing one of my hands to the front of her neck while my other came to the back, my grip tightened and her body stilled, her vein pulsing under my palm from her panicking. My cock hardened at her fear, feeding off of it like a dried out whore locked in a monastery. Bending down, I brought my lips to the back of her ear and growled, “Shut the fuck up. And one more thing,” I added, bringing my hips back. “It’s until I come.”

My hips thrust forward, my cock colliding with a foreign wall deep inside her around the same time she let out a deathly scream. Wrapping her hair around my fist, I shoved her off me roughly, the cold air whipping around my shaft.

“The fuck?” I said, stepping back and looking down at my blood-smeared cock. I looked back at Jessica, who had to be a couple years older than my fifteen. “You a fucking virgin?”

She raised her hand up to her mouth, shaking her head, her platinum blonde locks falling over her shoulders. “No, Hella. That’s never happened before. I’m so sorry, I’ll get a towel.”

Fucking liar.

I chuckled, pulling the pack of cigarettes out of my pocket before banging one out on the palm of my hand. I placed it into my mouth, sparking my Zippo and inhaling deeper as my eyes ran over her body, big tits, slim waist, and runty legs that were pulled up to her chest to cover her pussy. I smiled, placing the smoke back into my mouth and inhaling again. “Nah, Jess. No towel needed.” Her body visibly relaxed, her eyes calming a smidge, but not enough so she could smile. She was scared of me, like most smart people. “You can come wrap that filthy mouth around my cock and suck me clean.”

She paused, swiping her hair away from her face before crawling across the bed. I stepped up to the foot of the four-poster bed, my knees hitting the end. Her hands came up to my thighs, eyes widening in horror. Rolling my eyes, I gripped onto the back of her head and shoved her down over my cock, the warm cushion of her mouth welcoming me while her moans vibrated against my shaft.

After nutting in her mouth, I shoved her back onto the bed. She ran the back of her hand across her lip.

I pulled my jeans back on. “Drop the cash.”

She hurried to her bedside drawer and pulled out her wallet, dropping down two-fifty large. “You wanna stay?”

I cocked my head back. “Did I fuck you brain dead? No.”

“Where do you live?” she asked, reaching for her panties that were torn and lying on the carpet. “I’m just saying. No one is here but me and Renee, our maid. I won’t mind.”

After shoving my shirt and hoodie back on, I walked up to her, wrapping my hand around her chin, squeezing it and tilting her eyes to meet mine. “I don’t need your fucking help.”

She pulled her face out of my grip. “Fine, walk yourself out.”

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