Her Boss by Day...(8)

By: Joss Wood

‘We barely talk nowadays, but I have all their e-mail addresses, and I’m friends with them on social media,’ Willa answered, her lips around a purple straw.

Rob, forcing the mental picture of what he’d really like to see those lips wrapped around from his mind, thought that there was no way he could go so long without connecting with his own tight circle of friends.

‘You all should get together some time—catch up.’

Amy clapped her hands together with delight. ‘That’s such a fantastic idea. We should do that, Wills. We can invite them for a barbie...it’ll be a Whitsundays reunion    ,’ Amy gushed.

‘Let’s do it! When?’ Willa asked, eyes sparkling.

‘The sooner the better... Tomorrow is Sunday! A perfect day for a barbie by the pool...beers, bikinis... We can have a seafood Barbie,’ Amy babbled. ‘Invite them, Willa! Now! I betcha they will all come.’

Willa reached for her bag, her enthusiasm elevated by those Screaming Orgasms. She pulled out the latest smartphone and Rob raised his eyes as her fingers flew over the touchscreen. ‘Okay, I’ve tagged Scott and Brodie and Chantal. Luke is in Singapore, the jerk. Who else?’

‘The bartenders—Matt and Phil. Invite them! They were fun... Tell them to bring booze for cocktails.’ Amy leaned forward. ‘And Jane and Gwen who were part of the entertainment crew.’ Amy looked at Rob. ‘We were quite sure that they provided extra “entertainment” to the guests, but they were such a riot.’

‘And the lifeguards—I hope they’re still hot! Tagged them... Come on, Ames, there were at least twenty of us who ran wild... I’ve tagged the girls who helped me entertain the rug rats.’

‘The rug rats?’ Rob asked.

‘I looked after the kids at the resort... I kept them entertained so that their parents could have a break. And afternoon sex,’ Willa explained without looking up from her smartphone. ‘Come on, Amy—think!’

Amy rattled off a few more names and Willa bobbed her head in excitement. ‘Okay, anyone else?’

‘Nah. I think that’s it.’

Amy leaned back in her chair and looked over to her flatmate. She let out a loud whistle that felt like an ice pick in Rob’s brain, but it had the desired effect and Jessica turned around.

‘Hey, Jess, want to go to a barbie with me and Willa?’

‘Sure,’ Jessica replied, turning to Willa. ‘When?’

‘Tomorrow. What time?’ Willa asked Amy.

‘Eleven. Bring your own bottle,’ Amy replied, and Rob watched, amused, as their impromptu party started to take shape.

Whether their guests would appreciate—or accept—an invitation at half-ten at night for a party the next day was another story, but it was fun watching their cocktail-induced excitement. That being said, he knew that they were so going to regret their impulsiveness in the morning, when their heads woke them up, screaming that they had had brain surgery without anaesthetic.

‘Okay, eleven...bring my own bottle...where?’ Jessica asked.

‘Yeah, where? Maybe I should add that.’ Willa squinted at her phone.

‘That would be helpful,’ Rob murmured, but no one heard him.

Amy pretended to think, her eyes dancing. ‘Oh, I don’t know...who do we know who has an empty Sydney waterfront property with a pool?’

Willa shrugged. ‘Who?’

Then the penny dropped with a clang and Willa bounced up and down in her chair like a first-grader.

‘Oooh, I do! Me! Me, me, me, me...me!’

‘Attagirl.’ Amy lifted her bottle in her direction.

Even Rob, stranger that he was to the city, knew that waterfront property in Sydney meant big bucks. Who was this waif? An heiress? A celebrity?

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