Her Secondhand Groom(128)

By: Rose Gordon

Juliet gasped. “It’s wonderful.”

“Yes, it is,” Patrick agreed.

“He’s captured us all perfectly.”

“That he has.” Patrick let his eyes travel the canvas. In the middle sat Celia, Helena, and Kate. All three wearing pale green dresses were positioned in the middle of the picnic blanket. Celia was standing on her knees. Helena was sitting on her right hip with her legs in front and her face looking over her shoulder toward the artist. Kate sat in a similar position except her body was facing the viewer and the picnic hamper was positioned right in front of her with her left hand holding up one side of the lid. Behind the older girls, stood the three-year-old twins, Laura and Miranda. Both wore apple red dresses and had their brownish-blond hair in braids that came down and rested on their shoulders. To the left, on the edge of the blanket, sat Patrick. He smiled. Finally, there was a portrait painted where he didn’t resemble an angry bear. In fact, he didn’t look angry in the least. The grin Mr. Swill captured on his lips looked as if it split his face in half. Directly on his lap, sat one-year-old Myles. Then, Patrick looked to the right. Half-sitting, half-lying on the other edge of the blanket wearing a yellow dress and the most beautiful smile was the one who held them all together: Juliet.

Coming Late 2011 and Early 2012--GROOMS SERIES

Four men are about to have their bachelor freedom snatched away as they become grooms...but finding the perfect woman may prove a bit more difficult than they originally thought.

Her Sudden Groom—The overly scientific, always respectable and socially awkward Alexander Banks has just been informed his name resides on a betrothal agreement right above the name of the worst chit in all of England. With a loophole that allows him to marry another without consequence before the thirtieth anniversary of his birth, he has only four weeks to find another woman and make her his wife.

Her Reluctant Groom—For the past thirteen years Marcus Sinclair, Earl Sinclair, has lived his life as a heavily scarred recluse, never dreaming the only woman he’s ever wanted would love him back. But when it slips out that she does, he doubts her love for his scarred body and past can be real. For truly, how can a woman love a man whose injuries were caused when he once tried to declare himself to her sister?

Her Secondhand Groom—Widower Patrick Ramsey, Viscount Drakely, fell in love and married at eighteen only to be devastated by losing her as she bore his third daughter. Now, as his girls are getting older he realizes they need a mother—and a governess. Not able to decide between the two which they need more, he marries an ordinary young lady from the local village in hopes she can suit both roles. But this ordinary young lady isn’t so ordinary after all, and he’ll either have to take a chance and risk his heart once more or wind up alone forever.

Her Imperfect Groom—Sir Wallace Benedict has never been good with the fairer sex and in the bottom drawer of his bureau he has the scandal sheet clippings to prove it. But this thrice-jilted baronet has just discovered the right lady for him was well-worth waiting for. The only trouble is, with multiple former love interests plaguing him at every chance possible, he must find clever ways to avoid them and simultaneously steal the attention—and affections—of the the one lady he’s sure is a perfect match for him and his imperfections.

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