Her Stepbrother, Her Hero

By: Terry Towers


“I had fun.” Mark Gibbons gave Gabriella a smile, but it was strained.

Sitting on the passenger side of the tiny car, Gabriella’s eyes narrowed at her prom date, Mark. Prom was supposed to be fun and exciting. It was supposed to be an all-night party, it was supposed to be the night she lost her V-card. But instead her date, a guy who wasn’t even close to the top of her list for dates, was dropping her home before 11pm. He hadn’t even hinted at wanting to have sex with her, hadn’t even attempted to touch her inappropriately.

“That’s your opinion,” she retorted.

He flinched and his smile faded. “I have to work tomorrow. I’m sorry.”

“You’re sorry? Seriously? Work, huh?”

He shrugged.

“For years now you’ve had a crush on me, you finally get a chance to fuck me and you’re dropping me home? You’re a bag boy at the supermarket! It’s not like you split atoms for a living!” Something wasn’t adding up in this scenario. For the girl prom was about the dress, for the guy it was about sex. Wasn’t it? Sure it was. Every single friend of hers was going to parties and renting hotel rooms.

“I’m sorry. I just –”

Anger boiled up within her. She knew exactly what was going on. Or suspected at least. “What did he say to you, Mark?”

“I ummm. I –” He raked a hand through his hair and averted his gaze. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, Gabriella.”

“My damned stepbrother. What did he do? Did he threaten you?” She’d been suspecting he’d been meddling in her personal life, but no one would come clean with her and rat him out. He didn’t even attend their school anymore, he’d graduated the previous year, but still had a hold on everyone in the school. The almighty Anthony King, and the name King had been so well suited to him. He’d ruled their high school – stereotypical jock, prom king, the whole bit. She had no doubt he’d gotten fucked on prom night.

She held her hand up to her date, palm facing him. “You know what? Screw you, Mark.” Angry, she didn’t wait for a reply. Opening the car door, she got out and stormed into the house without looking back. Well, screw him. He was doing her a favour, she would have regretted giving up her virginity to him anyhow – but it was the principle of the matter that was really pissing her off.

“Honey, you’re home early.” Her mother rushed to meet her at the door as she entered and began pulling off her heels, with a wide smile on her face, no doubt eager to hear everything about prom. It would have to wait; Gabriella had bigger fish to fry at the moment.

“Is Anthony home?”

Her mother’s smile faded. “Yes, he’s in his room. What’s going on?”

She forced herself to smile. She didn’t want her mother getting involved; if her mother got involved, so would her stepfather and then her horrible prom would become a family affair. She could handle her meddling stepbrother all on her own thank you very much.

“Nothing, Mother. I just want to speak with him a second.” She shrugged, attempting to hide her anger and appear nonchalant. “No biggie.” Seeing the dubious expression on her mother’s face she gave her a hug. “Honest.”

Stepping back from her mother, she flashed her another smile, turned and raced up the stairs headed for her stepbrother’s room. That little bastard was going to get a mega piece of her mind. She had no doubt he was behind it all, the question was – why? And by god she was going to find out. He’d meddled in her personal affairs for the very last time!

She allowed the anger to resurface, and didn’t bother knocking on his door, but opened the door and stormed in, slamming the door closed behind her. “What did you do!”

“Huh?” Anthony looked up from the book he’d been reading to stare blankly at her.

Planting her hands on her hips she glared at him. “I said, what did you do?”

He huffed and focused his attention back to the book in his hand. “I think you drank a little too much at prom because you’re talking crazy. I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

His dismissive attitude only amplified her anger. Rushing across the room to the bed he was sprawled out on, she snatched the book from his hand and tossed it across the room. “Don’t you lie to me. You’ve been meddling in my personal life ever since Mom married your dad. Admit it!”

His jaw clenched and annoyance flashed in his eyes as he leapt from the bed to stand before her, towering over her, close to a foot taller than her. “I don’t know what you’re fucking talking about!”

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