His Secret Omega (M_M Gay Shifter Mpreg Romance)

By: Wolf Specter

Even without his sight, he could still hear; could still feel. He caught Aidan's sharp inhale, imagined his nostrils flaring as he drew in the scent. He felt that crackle of electricity explode into a torrent, the power of the alpha reaching him, seizing him. He heard the rumble of a fierce, possessive growl as Aidan's wolf pressed forward, claiming his human senses.

When he finally opened his eyes, his friend looked half feral. Aidan’s eyes glowed an inhuman yellow, and he licked his lips as he advanced, each step heavy and filled with the promise of relief.

But still Luke fought against it.

"Aidan, you don't want to do this. You don't want me. It's just your wolf. You can fight this. You can--"

"Mine," he snarled, and the wolf inside of him yelped.

Aidan was on him in an instant. His massive, powerful body covering Luke's. Even through their clothes, it sent a flood of relief washing over him. And when Aidan claimed his mouth in a bruising rush of lips, teeth, and tongue, the discomfort and pain lessened considerably, replaced with a strongly growing need.

He couldn't refuse if he wanted to, and he definitely didn't want to. His hands moved into Aidan's thick hair, gripping it like a lifeline as the alpha took what he wanted, plunging his tongue into Luke's mouth, dominating his every squirming movement with his body resting on top of Luke's.

He could feel his alpha's cock straining against his loose-fitting pants. The thick rod pressed insistently against his stomach, nearly searing him through his clothing, and Luke moaned against Aidan's mouth, wanting more.

The kiss broke, and his alpha's eyes blazed gold. A growl made his word almost unintelligible, but it sliced through Luke, heating his blood anew. "Mine."

"Yes," he said breathlessly. "Only yours."

Aidan lifted his weight off of him, and immediately the pain returned, flaring in his nerve endings. Luke cried out, but the sound was stifled when--without hardly any effort at all--Aidan flipped him over.

His belly hit the mattress, his elbows holding him up as he watched the alpha behind him. Aidan gripped his pants and yanked them down, baring his ass to what should have been unbearably cool air, but all Luke could feel was heat. Heat and moisture, his hole beyond slick now.

Aidan's nostrils flared, and he growled low in his throat. Pushing himself up on the bed--something that made Luke whimper and writhe--he yanked down his pants, freeing his cock. Luke swallowed the needy sound that rose in his throat. His alpha was huge. Long and thick, and already hard as a rock. He'd done that. He'd made him that way, and his wolf preened at the thought, making him eagerly shift his knees under him on the bed, lifting his ass up in the air.

Another deep, rolling growl, and Aidan was there, lapping at his hole. Luke gasped, gripping the sheets harder, thrusting his hips backward, demanding more. His alpha's tongue thrust inside once, twice, a third time, and Luke's cock ached with the need for release.

"Please," he whimpered in a shuddering breath.

Aidan lifted his head, and Luke watched as the powerful male fisted his cock, giving it a few long strokes.

Luke's muscles worked, spreading his cheeks, his hole practically begging for the alpha's attention. His hand went to his own cock, his member painfully hard, but before he could stroke and provide himself with some relief, Aidan was there, and his hand wrapped hard around the base.

Just like in his dream.

"No," he growled in Luke's ear. The word was a command, spoken firmly but without malice. It made him shudder. "I am your alpha. Your hole belongs to me, and I fuck you whenever I want to fuck you. You come when I tell you to, and not a second before. Understood?"

Oh, God. Heat exploded through his body, but Aidan gripped that much tighter, a ripple of pain coursing through him. His balls were heavy and full, his body ready for release, but Aidan wouldn't allow it, and the dominance in his voice made it that much harder to avoid.

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