His Secret Omega (M_M Gay Shifter Mpreg Romance)(10)

By: Wolf Specter

He didn't like the fact that it was a conversation starter, though. Especially when his gaze was fixed on the doors. Because at this point, surrounded by people who either wanted his money, his advice, or his attention, the only person Aidan genuinely wanted to speak to was Luke.

It was a quarter after seven now, and while he'd never suggested the man had to arrive right at 7, he himself was a bit of a stickler for punctuality. More than that, it meant there were fifteen long minutes in which he had to discuss the most inane topics ever conceived.

He wondered if Luke had perhaps had trouble getting there. He should have offered a car. Of course, the problem could be with one of his doormen, or the hosts. A growl rose in his throat and he barely suppressed it before a human walked by.

No. He'd given them explicit instructions; told them to keep an eye out for Luke and let him in without question. They wouldn't disobey a direct order.

Apparently the man was just late. His wolf was displeased, even if the beast had no reason to be.

Aidan found himself pulled into a discussion with one of the older alphas; a friend of his father's. Men like that tended to praise his father, to which Aidan could really only just smile and nod. Of course Gregor Carlisle seemed like the perfect man, perfect CEO, perfect alpha to those outside of his family.

They hadn't had to live with him.

As the old dog prattled on, Aidan surreptitiously glanced toward the doorway again, and this time he saw what he wanted to see.

He caught sight of Luke's blond hair, saw the man presenting the card Aidan had given him just a few days ago. The doorman waved him off, evidently not requesting to see it. Good.

He allowed the older alpha to come to a stopping point in his reminiscing before excusing himself and making his way through the crowd, careful to avoid making eye contact with anyone as he walked toward Luke.

The man cleaned up extremely well. The hair his hard-hat had plastered in every direction was now neatly combed, thick blond strands catching a hint of the ornate lights that were hung throughout the building. He'd shaved the stubble, though a 5 o'clock shadow framed his jaw. And while his tux wasn't custom-tailored--the sleeves and trousers were just slightly too long for him, and there was a bit of space in the shoulders--it was a far cry from the flannel and jeans he'd sported at the construction site. Even his shoes looked polished and untouched by even the slightest scuff.

The real change was when Luke saw him, though. The man's face lit up, bright blue eyes shining like sapphires. It made him look younger than he truly was; closer to the age he'd been when Aidan last saw him.

"Sorry I'm late," he said, his voice quiet against the humming din of the crowd. "Had a, uh... little bit of trouble while getting ready."

Aidan arched a brow, but didn't ask. He typically accepted no excuses, his wolf urging him to be a firm and unyielding ruler, because the slightest show of weakness would be seen as an excuse for someone else to challenge his position. But this time, his wolf seemed quite content with the fact that Luke had even decided to show; it didn't matter that he was late.

"You haven't missed much," Aidan admitted. "Parties like this typically involve the same posturing for the entire duration."

"Yeah, I can see that," Luke said, glancing out to the crowd.

Aidan followed the man's gaze and saw several people staring at him, speaking in hushed whispers that even his wolf couldn't hear. The beast curled his lip and lent him a snarl and the onlookers quickly averted their gazes, finding something else to talk about.

Luke chuckled. "My big, growly hero. Thanks, but I kinda expect that here. It's no big deal."

But it was a big deal. Luke was his guest and his friend. Everyone else here was nothing to him, and they needed to realize that, as far as his wolf was concerned.

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