His Secret Omega (M_M Gay Shifter Mpreg Romance)(2)

By: Wolf Specter

"Yes," he breathed, burying his face against the bedspread.

"Yes, what?" He growled.

"Yes, alpha."

"Good." His hand moved affectionately over Luke's shoulderblade, almost a stroke as if his fingers were running through his fur.

The alpha released his cock, and Luke bit his lip to keep from whimpering. So needy. Nothing else seemed to matter, his human worries completely gone. And when Aidan moved behind him, he clenched in anticipation, startled by the stinging smack as his alpha's hand connected with his sensitive flesh.

"Relax." Another steady command, as if Aidan was in complete control, not his beast.

He did his best to obey, drawing in a shuddering breath. His muscles were so tight, but he forced them to ease, one by one. When he finally unclenched, Aidan returned to his previous position, and Luke's eyes practically rolled back in his head as he felt his alpha's tongue prodding his hole again.

He moved down, tracing a line across the sensitive stretch of skin beneath his hole, laving his tongue over Luke's balls, using the powerful muscle to tease and caress. Luke dug his knees hard into the bed to keep from thrusting his hips backward, and was rewarded for his patience and obedience when Aidan came up to his side of the bed, cock in hand.

Luke was practically salivating with the need to taste him, and when the velvety tip was pushed between his lips, he moaned. He tasted just as good as he smelled. A rich, masculine flavor with a hint of spice that had Luke taking his alpha's cock all the way to the back of his throat.

He wasn't quite able to take his full length, but he tried, and a pleased rumble filled him with pride as his alpha slowly thrust into his mouth. Though Aidan had control, holding his head in place, using his mouth for his own pleasure, Luke made use of his tongue, swiping it across the sensitive slit, pressing it against the flesh that bound head to shaft, making Aidan groan and buck against him before he pulled out.

Luke felt the pressure shift on the bed, Aidan taking position behind him. His muscles clenched with anticipation, but another swift smack reminded him that his alpha wasn't going to tolerate any disobedience. He forced himself to relax, letting out a shuddering breath, squirming when he felt Aidan's weight over top of him, so close but not nearly close enough.

He had to bite his lip just to keep from whimpering a plea, and still the sound came out, muffled behind his lips and teeth. Aidan rumbled a growl, obviously knowing what he'd wanted to say, and he felt the alpha's teeth scrape lightly over his shoulderblade, making him shudder.

"Go on. Tell me what you want."

The order surprised Luke, but he wasn't about to disobey. His wolf was controlling his instinct, putting him fully into the submissive role.

"You. Need you."

A low snarl near his ear, and the rush of air, the snap of teeth as Aidan bit so close, making his skin tingle. "More."

"Need you to fill me. Fuck me."


"Hard," he breathed, unable to stop himself from squirming, feeling Aidan's thick cock slide over his cheeks.

"You want me to fuck you like an alpha would?" Aidan's hand fisted in Luke's hair, he turned the subordinate wolf to look at him, and Luke was caught in his gaze like captured prey.

"Yes. Please." The words were shaky, and a whimper spun from them, trembling through his whole body.

Chapter One

Aidan Carlisle scanned the latest sheet of paper that had been dropped onto his desk. According to his tech team, they needed ten more servers to actually support the infrastructure for the new expansion. The tip of his pen clicked into place, and he briefly scanned the fine print before signing his name on the highlighted line.

At this point, he was willing to do whatever it took to make sure the expansion went off without a hitch. This project was his baby. His father may have created Carlisle Tech during the Silicon Valley tech boom, but Aidan was bringing it into the 21st century. More specifically, into the age of social networking.

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