His Secret Omega (M_M Gay Shifter Mpreg Romance)(3)

By: Wolf Specter

He'd created a new service specifically for shifters--ShifterNet. Not the most original name, but marketing assured him it would be the most successful option. Apparently they'd been right, because ShifterNet grew by leaps and bounds, eclipsing anything his father had ever done.

And now it was time to expand. The new building would house another hundred employees, at least. Not to mention the new servers and other equipment that would help the site run more efficiently and hedge their bets when it came to international use.

Flipping to the next page, Aidan saw another highlighted line and sighed. He liked creating things. Bandying ideas about in an all-night crunch session. Not sitting at his desk, signing on the dotted line. But as alpha of the Greystone Pack and CEO of Carlisle Tech, he didn't have much of a choice.

As he scrawled a neat, slightly slanted signature onto the line, he noticed the call button on his phone was blinking red. With his eyes still on the papers, he reached over and buzzed his assistant through.

"Mr. Carlisle, I'm sorry to interrupt, but I have a message from the construction company working on the new building."

"Go ahead.”

"The contractor says you need to sign off on a few things before they can finish laying the foundation."

Another swipe of the pen. "That's fine. Find my next open slot and tell him to meet me at my office."

Hesitation on the line. Aidan raised a brow as if she could see it.

"...He said he wants you to come down to the site, sir."

Aidan snorted. Tough luck. His schedule was jam-packed, and he didn't have time to wander around a construction site just to sign a piece of paper. If his job was going to be reduced to "endorsement specialist," the least this man could do was come to him.

"You know I'm too busy for that, Lily."

"That's what I told him, sir, but he insisted. He said he can't start the project until he gets your authorization and input, and to do that he needs you to see the site."

A growl rumbled through Aidan. Who did this contractor think he was, challenging the alpha in such a way? His company hired shifters almost exclusively. If the man wasn't a member of the Greystone Pack, then he was a member of the neighboring pack that had recently lost their alpha, and he should know better than to issue an ultimatum.

"Get him on the line," Aidan snarled. Paperwork had already soured his mood. This just made it worse.

"Right away, sir," Lily said, and the line went dead.

The rest of the papers sat neglected as Aidan stared at the phone, willing it to light up again. The contractor had better have a damn good reason for this. As the line flashed red, Aidan drew in a breath and picked up the phone.

"I understand you told my assistant you were uninterested in meeting me at my offices."

No hello. No polite address. His words were civil, but curt. Just like his father taught him all those years ago.

"I wouldn't say uninterested, Mr. Carlisle. It's just impractical. Like I told your assistant, I need you to look at the site. I don't want you signing something without knowing what you're actually agreeing to."

The growl stilled in Aidan's throat. He wasn't used to being talked to in such a way. His subordinates knew better than to cross him. But the man's argument was... surprisingly valid. As he stared at the papers in front of him, he realized he'd never even seen the servers that were meant to be delivered to the new offices. The same was true for most of the paperwork he signed. He wasn't careless, but he didn't have as much of a hand in things as he might like.

"I'm a very busy man, Mister...?"

"Manning," he supplied.

Well, that seemed obvious. If he recalled, the company was named Manning & Son. That was another round of paperwork he'd signed on someone else's recommendation.

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