His Secret Omega (M_M Gay Shifter Mpreg Romance)(4)

By: Wolf Specter

"I'm very busy, Mr. Manning," he continued. "Surely you can take a few pictures of the site and send them to me?"


Nope? No one said "nope" to the Greystone alpha. This time the growl did escape, but Mr. Manning spoke before he could say anything.

"I would if I could, trust me. I've got guys I'm paying to sit around right now."

Paying with whose money? Aidan felt his face fill in, going from clean-shaven to fur-covered in an instant as his wolf rushed forward. This male was crossing a line.

"If I visit your site, Mr. Manning, you will not like what I have to say."

He could practically hear the smile in the man's voice. "As long as you say 'you're good to go,' I don't much care, Mr. Carlisle."

And then the line clicked. Aidan Carlisle, the most powerful alpha in the pacific northwest, was hung up on by a blue-collar wolf. His finger jammed the call button and he could practically sense his assistant's unease from the next room.


"Hold my meetings. I'm going down to the construction site to teach a pup a lesson." The words were practically a snarl, likely difficult to decipher, but Aidan didn't care.

He'd worked too hard, fought too long to have some arrogant little upstart treat him this way. Grabbing his suit coat, he rang for his car and left the office in a fury of fur and fangs, his staff cowering in his wake. His father had ruled this pack with fear. Why shouldn't he?


Luke Manning was in deep shit.

He didn't know why he'd done it. Maybe it was just some crazy way to combat his own nerves. Maybe he knew it was the only way to get the alpha to actually visit the site. It'd worked on other suits, after all.

But Aidan Carlisle wasn't just any suit. He was a powerful alpha, leader of the Greystone Pack, and once upon a time, he'd been Luke's best friend.

They'd grown up together, back when Luke's parents still lived in Greystone territory. Pretty damn near inseparable, despite their differences. It was always clear Aidan would go far in life as the firstborn son of the alpha. He could've been challenged for his position--birthright only meant so much when it came to wolves who respected strength and tenacity above all else--but Luke never had any doubt that Aidan would become the pack’s alpha.

He just hadn't expected the man to become the spitting image of his father.

Aidan Carlisle was pretty much known throughout the pacific northwest as being a tough and firm alpha. His pack didn't dare step a toe out of line. There were males who wanted to challenge him, sure, but they knew they didn't stand a chance. He was an iron-fisted ruler and a ruthless CEO--at least that's what Luke had heard. Sounded more like Gregor Carlisle to him, but what the hell did he know? He hadn't seen Aidan in over ten years.

Climbing up on top of a platform where he could watch his guys, he waited for Aidan to show, knowing the alpha would be there quick. Probably in a rage. Werewolf politics weren't like human politics. There wasn't a lot of sneaky backstabbing going on.

Well, there was. But that was mostly done by weaker wolves. The stronger ones dispensed justice swiftly and brutally, the same way they did in the animal world. Luke knew if he couldn't make a case for his insubordination, he'd probably be a few shreds short of whole before this was through.

But mostly the nerves that coiled in the pit of his stomach were due to the fact that he wasn't even sure if Aidan would remember him. It'd been so long, and he knew he never meant as much to Aidan as the alpha meant to him. They were friends, sure, but...

A black sedan with dark, tinted windows pulled up to the sidewalk, and Luke's brows rose. That must be the alpha now. Quicker than he expected, but he supposed Carlisle Tech wasn't that far of a drive off the highway. He hopped down, his steel-toed work boots hitting the pavement, and made his way toward the vehicle, noticing the rest of his crew made themselves scarce.

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