His Secret Omega (M_M Gay Shifter Mpreg Romance)(5)

By: Wolf Specter

Luke might--might--have brass balls, but that didn't mean the rest of them did.

He wasn't all that surprised to see a driver come around back to let Aidan out. Powerful men never did their own driving. It brought a smirk to Luke's face, but the expression was quickly swept away when Aidan stepped out of the car.

He'd always been handsome--at least as far as Luke was concerned--but in a bespoke suit, he was something else entirely. Broad shoulders, a powerful chest that tapered down into his tall form. His face was all perfectly harsh lines and angles, his jaw cut from granite. His lips were thin, but not unbearably so. And those eyes pierced through him, bright blue focused straight ahead.

Luke's wolf rolled over, ready to submit to the alpha, to bear his belly and then turn around to hopefully encourage the male's interest. The beast was practically drooling over the idea, not caring one bit that they were in the middle of a dirty, very public construction site.

Or that Aidan Carlisle was 100% straight.

But that definitely answered the question of whether or not he'd gotten over his silly crush. As long as the wolf still lived inside of him, he'd apparently still crave Aidan in the worst way. Right now, though, he had a contract to secure. His guys had wives and pups to feed, and if this fell through because he'd been a little bold, he wouldn't be able to live with himself.

"Mr. Carlisle, it's a pleasure to meet you." He tilted his head just slightly in deference, exposing a bit of his throat to the more powerful male. "I'm--"

"Luke." Recognition flashed in the alpha's eyes, and Luke's heart sped to a break-neck pace.

That was... a surprise.

"Luke Manning," he said with a smile, extending his hand.

Aidan looked down at it, hesitating a moment before offering his own hand for a firm but all-too-brief handshake. The contact sent a thrill shooting through Luke's arm, straight to his heart, making it pump even faster. The wolf stirred at the contact, and electric sparks traveled down to his groin, making him regret wearing boxers today.

How could one man have such an effect on him? It was ridiculous.

"I should have realized..." Aidan said, still seeming a little shocked.

"Manning isn't exactly a rare name," he said, flashing the man a grin. "I'm surprised you even recognize me. It was... what, ten years ago?"

"Twelve years," Aidan said.

Twelve years, seven months, and fourteen days. But who was counting?

"Sounds about right. It's good to see you again, Ai--Mr. Carlisle."

Disrespecting an alpha on the phone was one thing. Disrespecting him in person, in front of his entourage, was another. But the smallest hint of a smile touched Aidan's features, making Luke's heart skip a few beats.


Luke swallowed back the sudden flutter that moved through him. "Aidan it is. I know you're busy, but I just wanted you to take a look at the site in person. Like I said, it's not fair to you to sign off without knowing the liabilities."

Best to talk about business. Luke's wolf tended to tune out whenever he talked business, and he didn't trust the beast to not throw itself at Aidan's feet if he gave it half a chance.


He led Aidan through the site then, explaining the reason he'd called him down. Whoever they'd used as a surveyor gave them bad information. The site wasn't level, so they were going to have to over-compensate to make sure the foundation was built right. It meant a higher cost and more time than they originally quoted, and there was still the chance they might have to make adjustments before the concrete was poured.

He could tell Aidan didn't like what he was hearing. He saw a flash of gold in the man's eyes and knew his wolf was pushing to get out, to huff and puff and demand he somehow get the job done both quickly and safely. But Aidan seemed to rein it in and, much to Luke's surprise, just listened, nodding.

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