His Secret Omega (M_M Gay Shifter Mpreg Romance)(6)

By: Wolf Specter

That was more the Aidan he knew. The man he'd talked to on the phone had been something else.

"Where are the papers?"

"In my office," Luke said with another grin, leading him over to his work truck. He leaned over the cab, the leather seats hot against his skin, and snagged his tablet from the console. A few taps and he had the papers drawn up and ready for signing, a stylus in his other hand.

"Another reason I wanted to let you know what you were getting into. I can't read these damn things, but Mom's decided she wants to be crazy about saving the trees, so we're all digital now."

Aidan snorted, but took the tablet and the stylus. The alpha's large hand brushed his when he reached for the pen and Luke sucked in a breath, another spark of lightning shocking through his system. He'd never felt anything like it before.

His gaze flicked up to Aidan's. The alpha was looking right at him, his blue eyes overtaken by gold as his wolf came out to play. Luke was held captive by that stare, like prey cornered by a predator. But damn, he didn't mind one bit. Aidan Carlisle could devour him any day of the week, as far as he was concerned. His wolf agreed, howling in pleasure at the idea.

Aidan cleared his throat and scrolled quickly through the text. So quickly Luke knew the alpha couldn't possibly have read it. Good thing he was an honest businessman. He watched Aidan sign, his signature neatly fitting on the line. The tablet was passed back to Luke, and his signature--sweeping lines of chicken-scratch--was a damn travesty standing next to Aidan's.

Metaphors. Gotta love 'em.

"I appreciate it, Aidan. I won't take up any more of your time," he said, struggling against his wolf as the beast tried to come up with reasons to keep the alpha around.

Nope. Not going to happen, buddy. He's way out of our league.


Aidan's wolf was losing its mind. He was sure of it. And in turn, the beast was driving him crazy.

From the moment he'd recognized Luke Manning, the animal started preening and posturing, hoping to catch the attention of his old friend. It did that for women, when he was in the middle of hunting for someone to warm his bed for the evening, but never with a man.

Not since... Well, not since Luke. But he refused to acknowledge that little incident at the lake. Teenage hormones, nothing more.

He could handle the idea that his wolf needed to be quieted and they both needed to get laid soon. It'd been a while. He'd been so busy supervising the growth of ShifterNet that he hadn't gone looking for company in a long time. Months, at least, spent at his desk until the wee hours of the morning before he'd head home, get a shower and a quick nap, and head back before his first morning meeting.

The tech industry wasn't for the feint of heart, or for anyone who hoped to maintain a healthy relationship, so Aidan had never tried. He still had time before it became mandated by pack laws. Once ShifterNet was set up and running on its own, then he'd worry about starting a family.

But that still didn't explain why his animal was practically doing backflips at the sight of another male, and snarling and snapping possessively whenever the two betas he'd brought--his driver and one of his security workers--got too close or looked too long.

Or why he felt an electric jolt the two times he and Luke touched, forcing his wolf forward until only one word echoed through his soul:


He was working too hard. That must be it. Maybe he'd take the rest of the day off. And yet when Luke tried to send him on his way, he looked for any excuse to see the man again.

That could be explained easily enough, though. They'd been friends once. Best friends. He'd told Luke all of his secrets. Luke had been there when he'd run away from home, listening to him when he admitted he thought his father's only interest in him was in leading the company and the pack, not as an actual son.

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