His Secret Omega (M_M Gay Shifter Mpreg Romance)(68)

By: Wolf Specter

“Sexy, right?” His grin brought out the dimple in his cheek. “Let me get a quick shower and then I’ll start dinner. Spaghetti okay?”

“Pasketti!” Amelia exclaimed, and both men laughed.

“You would eat pasketti for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, wouldn’t you?”

“Yum,” she said, rubbing her tummy.

Luke kissed her cheek and she giggled again, likely at the tickle of his beard against her skin. Aidan enjoyed that sensation as well, but for wholly different reasons.

As he watched the two of them, Aidan couldn’t help but smile. A true, genuine smile. Over the past two years, he’d learned what it felt like to truly be loved. The Whitehill Pack had embraced him, and unlike his father, Aidan had learned to lead with respect and compassion, not fear.

And it was all because of Luke. Luke and their beautiful, perfect daughter.

“What?” Luke asked, catching him in the midst of his trance.

Aidan just shook his head. “Just thinking about how lucky I am.”

Luke smiled softly, and it was clear his mate understood what he meant. Leaning up, he kissed Aidan tenderly. “We both are.”

Before their moment could linger on, Amelia clambered to be put down, and Luke acquiesced. Aidan reached for her tiny hand before she was able to toddle off, and watched Luke jog up the stairs, his wolf anxious to give chase. Soon, he assured the beast. When they both felt comfortable employing a babysitter.

“Want to squeeze the tomatoes for the sauce?”

Amelia beamed. “Yeah!”

He led Amelia through the house, passing a few of Luke’s pieces—including a beautiful, hand-carved crib he’d made for Amelia—along with a wall full of family photos. There was nothing cold or emotionless about this place. It was their den. Their home. The place where they would raise their daughter. The place where they’d have more pups, someday.

As he let Amelia tug him excitedly toward the kitchen, a smile spread across his lips.

It had taken him nearly thirty years, but he’d finally found his place, surrounded by friends and family who genuinely adored him, and who he loved in return.

With Luke and Amelia, he’d finally found the one thing that had been missing from his life for so long: Home.

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