His Secret Omega (M_M Gay Shifter Mpreg Romance)(7)

By: Wolf Specter

He hadn't been that close to anyone since. And as he thought about it, he really couldn't name any actual friends. Acquaintances, yes. People who pretended to be his friends when it was convenient. But there was no one in his life like Luke, and according to his wolf, he needed that desperately.

"We should get together sometime. Catch up."

Luke's surprise was palpable. "Yeah, of course. I'd like that."

The man flashed another grin that made a dimple appear in his cheek and lit up his whole face. It was magnetic; Aidan couldn't pull his gaze away. Luke might not be an alpha, but he had the charisma of one. Far more charisma than Aidan himself possessed, lately.

But it was clear Luke thought the offer wasn't genuine. That hurt, somewhere deep inside that he didn't want to acknowledge. He'd tried to keep in touch, but Luke's parents always said he was out or busy. Eventually he'd just... stopped trying.

Now, though, they were both fully grown men. He wanted to reconnect with his old friend, and he had the means to do it. In fact...

"There's a benefit gala coming up in a few days. Why don't you come?"

"A what now?"

Luke's expression was comical, one brow arched high. Aidan almost laughed, but he didn't want to embarrass the man. Even before Luke's family left Greystone, they'd grown up in different worlds. For Aidan, it was all social functions, all the time, while Luke was able to play baseball over the summer with their other friends.

He'd envied the man back then. A part of him envied Luke even now.

"It's a black tie function to raise money for underprivileged youth."

His father had been a generous giver, and Aidan tried to continue in that same spirit. Though Gregor mostly used it as a means to an end, with the perk of tax write-offs...

"Black tie, huh?" Luke looked down, and Aidan was able to appraise the man as well.

He wore a buttoned-up shirt, the hint of a white tee peeking out beneath it. His sleeves were rolled up, and his jeans were covered with dust and frayed at the cuffs, a few other rips and threadbare patches at the joints. Scuffed, steel-toed boots capped off the ensemble. A far cry from Aidan's finely-pressed, custom-tailored suit, slacks, and dress shoes.

But they looked good on Luke.

"I... appreciate the offer, but I'm pretty sure I'll stick out like a sore thumb. Maybe next time."

A growl rose in Aidan's throat, his wolf immediately objecting to the refusal. "I can pay for a tux rental. And you don't have to stay the whole time."

Luke shook his head, his hesitation obvious. Before he could speak again, Aidan interrupted him.

"I insist."

His tone left no room for argument. It was spoken with the authority of an alpha, and this time Luke seemed to listen. He tilted his head slightly, exposing the flesh of his neck once more. Aidan's wolf salivated at the sight, and his gums ached as he felt his human teeth grow and push into fangs.

What was wrong with him?

"I'll see if I can shift some things around. It's the best I can do," Luke said with a slight shrug and a smile. "Don't worry about the tux, though. I can handle it."

"You're sure?"

Luke didn't look like the type of man to own a tuxedo. Or a suit. Then again, Luke didn't look like the type of man who really needed a suit. His clothing accentuated his best features. Features Aidan found himself strangely drawn to. Luke had never been as large as him, but he'd filled out over the last ten years. A bit shorter than average, but well-built, with muscles cording through his arms and legs that were clearly built from hard work.

"Yeah, it's no problem. I'm sure I've got one stashed in the back of the hotel closet or something."

Luke flashed him another easy grin, and Aidan couldn't help the small smile that tugged at his own lips. It was nice to be around someone who at least seemed to enjoy speaking with him. Nearly everyone else was too busy trying to avoid him, or worse--butter him up.

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