His Secret Omega (M_M Gay Shifter Mpreg Romance)(8)

By: Wolf Specter

He considered insisting on renting the man a tuxedo, as well, but again he erred on the side of not embarrassing him. He could respect a man who didn't want to be indebted to others. If he could rent the tux on his own, so be it.

"It's Thursday night at 7." He nodded to his enforcer, and the man was quick to return to the car, fetching his briefcase.

Bringing it over to a stack of cinder blocks, Aidan popped it open and withdrew an invitation, signing the back of it just to be sure Luke wouldn't have any trouble.

"This will get you in."

This time, he was careful not to let his fingers brush Luke's, even if his heart sped as the man reached out to take the card.

"Thursday at 7. Sounds good. And thanks for coming down here. It was good to see you again, Aidan."

Aidan. Not Mr. Carlisle. Not Alpha. It'd been so long since anyone had used his given name that he'd almost forgotten what it sounded like. It was a relief to hear it from Luke, and it gave him some hope that they might be able to bridge the massive gulf in their friendship.

"You as well, Luke. That card also has my personal number--if anything else comes up, you're welcome to call."

Luke nodded, and with that Aidan made his way back to the car. This gala had been a necessary evil--something he'd been dreading for weeks. But now he found himself looking forward to it.

Chapter Two

Luke stared at the numbers on the receipt, rubbing a hand over his stubbled jaw. $200 to rent a tux and shoes for one night? It was a rip-off if he'd ever seen one, but he'd handed over his credit card anyway, all too eager to make an ass of himself in front of Aidan Carlisle and all of his undoubtedly wealthy "benefactors."

Damn, he was a fool. His wallet was going to feel it immediately, but he had a feeling after tonight, his heart would catch up real soon.

It wasn't really Aidan's fault. He knew the alpha hadn't intended to give him false hope. But false hope he had, thanks to the heady rush that seemed to come along with being in Aidan's presence; a rush that made him temporarily forget the fact that he hated dressing up and hated attending social functions.

But he wasn't going to turn down the Greystone alpha. And it had nothing to do with deference and being a good subservient wolf. No, his wolf was happy to roll over for Aidan just because it had this crazy desire to be knotted by him.

Luke groaned, his jeans filling out even as the thought crossed his mind. His hole went slick, making him long for a big, thick male to mount him, fill him, bite him, and pump him full of his seed. He'd gotten a peek at Aidan once when they were younger. Even then Luke could tell he would be big; just the way he liked them.

And seeing him in person as an adult? There was no doubt in his mind. A rock hard Aidan Carlisle would fill him completely. Possess him. Own him. And Luke would give himself over to all of it.


He was painfully hard now, his dick tenting his jeans. His gaze flicked to the clock on the bedside table. Still an hour before the gala. He hadn't exactly told Aidan he'd be on time, and he needed a shower, anyway. Might as well stroke one out and take care of this little problem before he faced a straight man with these kinds of thoughts in his head.

The last thing he needed was for Aidan to sense his arousal.

Unzipping his jeans, he tugged them off and threw them onto the bed, along with his boxers. His shirt was already cast aside, and he padded into the bathroom, letting the water in the shower run until it was hot enough.

He stepped inside, gasping when the water hit his already-heated flesh. He grabbed the soap and lathered up, running his hands slowly over the planes of his body. First his neck and shoulders. Then his chest. Then the flat of his abdomen, the muscles beneath tensing and jumping.

As he went, he imagined his own hands were Aidan’s. Bigger. Smoother. Gliding over his body possessively. He could feel the alpha's cock pressing against him, so close but so far away, cradled against his ass as Aidan pulled Luke closer.

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