His Secret Omega (M_M Gay Shifter Mpreg Romance)(9)

By: Wolf Specter

Luke whimpered, feeling himself clench in anticipation.

He'd spent so much of his life trying to hide what he was; trying to hide the fact that he was an omega. But here, in his deepest fantasy, he embraced it. He was wanton and needy, craving his alpha's attention. And he wasn't too proud to beg for it.

The plea slipped from his lips, and Luke could practically feel the growl that would rumble through the small shower. Firm and commanding, letting Luke know that Aidan was in charge, and would give to him whenever he was good and ready to, not before.

Luke whimpered again, and this time the Aidan in his fantasy complied. The alpha's hand wrapped around his cock and a shudder pulsed through him, a moan torn from his lips. Luke widened his stance, imagining himself leaning back against his alpha, letting him stroke up and down his length with the perfect amount of pressure while Aidan teased him, rolling his hips and running his cock over his slick body.

Another plea fell from his lips. His hole was wet and ready, and he knew his alpha would scent his need for him. It would drive him wild, and a frantic snarl would fill Luke's ears. The sound was enough to make him come undone, but fantasy Aidan squeezed the base of his cock hard, nearly crossing over into pain.

It was an unspoken order from his alpha. He wasn't allowed to come. Not until Aidan was balls-deep inside of him.

As Luke's pace increased, his hand braced against the shower wall, water sluicing down his naked body, his fantasy vision of Aidan pressed the head of his thick cock against his hole. Luke writhed and wriggled, trying to push back against him to urge him to continue, but it was no use.

The alpha's hand came around his neck, not tight, but firm enough to make it clear Luke needed to be still. He leaned in, hot breath teasing over the back of his neck, one fang scraping along his wet skin.

And then, when Luke thought he wouldn't be able to take it anymore, Aidan thrust forward, filling him. Luke's mouth fell open, a strangled sound escaping. His hand worked furiously over his cock as his mind continued the fantasy, Aidan wasting no time. His alpha wouldn't be soft and sweet. He didn't want him to be.

He wanted Aidan to pound him hard, not relenting even if he begged. Luke felt his balls grow heavy, tension coiling in him. He jerked harder, faster, the same tempo he wanted Aidan to use while fucking him.

He wanted to hold out. Wanted to wait until he could picture Aidan sinking into him one last time with a fierce growl that resonated through the hotel shower. He wanted to feel the base of his alpha's cock swelling, knotting inside of him as he pumped him full of his seed.

But the second he thought of it, he was a goner. His dick jerked as he came, the evidence of his self-indulgence washed away by the shower. It was over too quickly, leaving Luke panting, both hands braced against the shower wall just to keep himself upright.

As his pulse slowed, one thing became painfully clear: He really couldn't trust himself to spend time alone with Aidan Carlisle.


Aidan glanced at his watch. He hardly wore the timepiece anymore. Like everyone else, he'd become accustomed to using his phone to check the time. But there was no place for pockets on the tux he wore--at least not any that would be presentable--and the watch was suitable to these types of events.

It was an advertisement, really. With one glance at his wrist, anyone who didn't know him--humans and wolves alike--could determine his status and likely guess who he was. The watch belonged to his grandfather, many years ago. A stern alpha who always said that a timepiece was the single most important thing a man could wear.

Aidan wasn't entirely sure he agreed with that. To him, the thing felt heavy and awkward on his wrist, the diamonds too cold against his skin. But it did draw stares, along with a more subdued body language from the wolves present, and even somewhat from the humans.

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