His Touch(7)

By: Melinda Minx

She giggles at first, but as soon as I get my hands on her flesh mounds, and when my fingers graze her nipples, she stops laughing. She leans back and moans loudly as I run a thumb over one nipple, and my tongue across the other.

“Oh, Hunter…” she moans. “God!”

I flick my tongue across her nipple as it points up, growing impossibly hard beneath my tongue.

“Good girl, Elise,” I say, and then I put the whole nipple into my mouth and suck on it for all I’m worth.

She screams, and I bite down on her. Her hips buck up into the air, and her fingers dig into the back of my scalp through my hair.

I worship her fucking tits, drinking up and licking every last square inch of them. I knead and massage, lick and suck, and when I’m done, they are raw and covered in marks. I’ve claimed them, and they’re mine now.

I start to work my way back down across her stomach, kissing as I go. She writhes as I sink below her bellybutton, and I tease her just above the hem of her panties.

“Please,” she says.

Mmmm. I like to hear her beg, but there’s no need. No force in the world could stop me from drinking up her juices.

I grab her panties with both hands, and with a sudden burst of intensity, I tear them off of her.

“My panties,” she shrieks.

“Now you really need to shop for new clothes,” I say, and I gaze at her perfect fucking pussy. It’s neatly shaved with only a small strip of hair in the center. Her lips are swollen and glistening.

“You’re so fucking wet,” I say. “How long have you been wet for me?”

“Since I first saw you, Hunter,” she says.

“Good girl,” I whisper.

I run a hand down along her trimmed pubic hair, and then I go ever so slowly and gently further down across her bare skin. When my finger grazes her soaking and swollen lips, she lets out a yelp and bucks her hips.

“I’ve barely touched you,” I say, my eyes widening.

“So touch me more.”

I press against her lips and slide my fingers slowly down. I slide one finger into her drenched hole, and then I pull it back out and slide it toward her clit. As soon as I press lightly against her clit, her body tightens. I rub gently, and her hips buck up toward me. She grabs her own breasts and bites her lip.

I can’t take it anymore; I’m hungry for her. I dive between her legs and run my tongue up her pussy. The taste and smell of her sends me into a frenzy, and I slide my tongue up inside her warm channel. Her legs wrap around my head, and I feel her press into me, begging me for more without saying a single word.

I give her what she wants. I drink up her juices and fuck her with my tongue. Then I bring my tongue out and edge up to her clit, and I press my tongue and lips all along her overly sensitive nub. She screams out and moans my name, and I don’t let off for even a moment.

I grab hold of her hips and worship her clit, and when her moans become frenetic and breathless, I realize she’s not going to last long. I have to use all my strength to keep her hips down, as her clit swells even larger, and she comes hard against me.

I never let go of her clit as she comes, digging her nails into my head. Only when she is panting and spent do I dip down and lick up all of her thick juices.

“Don’t,” she whines.

“I guess I like cream in my coffee, too,” I say, sucking up all of her wetness.

“It feels so good…” she says.

No shit it feels good. I’m probably the first man to ever make her come like that. Guys her age probably haven’t even been able to find her clit, and even if they could, they wouldn’t know what to do with it.

My cock is ready to burst out of my pants now. I’ve been wanting her to suck me off with those beautiful lips--to blast my load down her throat--but her pussy is soaking wet now, and it’s begging for me to stuff my thick cock inside her.

I pull off my shirt as I look down at her body. Her white skin looks ghostly pale and perfect against my dark sheets, and her jet black hair is spilling out across the white pillows.

Her eyes widen as I throw my shirt to the ground.

“Jesus,” she says. “For a--” She covers her mouth with her hand.

I laugh. “For an older guy?”

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