Hostage (Predators MC #3)(4)

By: Jamie Begley

She reluctantly slowed to a stop in front of what seemed to be an old saloon.

“What’s going on?”

Grace’s demanding voice had her nearly jumping out of her skin.

“Nothing. I need some gas and, if I’m lucky, some coffee. Take whatever time you need. I’ll talk to you when I see you Tuesday.”

“Wait … Why are you being so nice? You were just bitching at me last night because I came in late yesterday.”

“Because you were late since you were boinking Ice.” Penni stared around the empty parking lot. Despite what her misgivings were telling her and all the hours of watching True Nightmares had shown her, she ignored the folly of what she was about to do. “I need to go. The bar’s closing.”

“Bar?” Grace shrieked. “What bar?”

“Actually, I think it’s a saloon.”

“Call me back as soon as you get back on the road.”

“Don’t be such a worrywart. Get to bed. Give Oceane a kiss for me and another one for that handsome father of yours.”

“She heard you.”

Penni smiled, hearing feminine laughter that relieved the stress of the situation she had found herself in, all because she had been too stubborn to ride the bus with the band.

“She said to be careful,” Grace passed on her mother’s words.

“Tell her I’ll be fine. What could go wrong at a saloon called Hay and Fiddle?”

Jackal didn’t miss the glances that came his way as he entered the clubhouse. Ice’s mouth had dropped open at the rough appearance of his clothes. Even Max was stunned by the dirty condition of the clothes Jackal couldn’t hide as he limped into the packed clubhouse.

“Give me a whiskey!” Jackal snarled at Rave who wasn’t able to hide her reaction to the rank smell that had reached her before he had.

She nearly dropped the whiskey bottle before hurriedly pouring his drink and escaping to the opposite end of the bar.

“What the hell happened to you?” Ice, as club president, didn’t make it a habit to stick his nose into the brothers’ business, but this was one thing he couldn’t ignore.

Jackal finished his whiskey before answering, “I had a date with Penni.” Jackal didn’t know which one burned worst: his pride or the whiskey. He wasn’t going to be able to downplay just how big a fool he had made of himself tonight.

“Grace told me Penni was out of town tonight.” Ice shifted away, his nostrils flaring at the rank smell stealing through the clubhouse.

Jackal’s mouth tightened as he reached for the whiskey bottle that Rave had set near for him. He hadn’t kept his interest in Penni a secret from the club.

“So I take it that you didn’t know?” Ice probed.

“That’s a fucking understatement.” Even when he had been the poorest in his high school class, the rich bitches had lined up to take him to the movies on a Friday night.

Ice poured more whiskey into his glass as the brothers gathered to listen.

“What happened?”

“She stood me up. Penni told me to meet her at the back of her house. Not only was she not there, but her whole yard was covered in bees.”

Ice was the only one of his friends who didn’t try to hide the fact that he was laughing at him.

Jackal pushed Stump back toward Max when they began waving their hands in the air to dissipate the stink coming from his clothes.

“What did you say to her?”

“She’s not answering the phone.” Jackal grasped the glass in his hand to keep himself from smashing it against the wall.

“That’s some fucked up shit. He could have been hurt.” Rita wrapped her arm around his waist. Jackal kind of admired her for not showing an aversion to the odor fouling the surrounding air.

“Are you going to finally listen to me and quit chasing after that fruitcake?”

Jackal was aware Ice already knew the answer to his question because of the mocking sneer on his lips.

He stared down at his whiskey glass as Ice poured him another one. “I’m never afraid of a challenge.”

“Brother, she’s one bitch that you would be better off stepping back from. You’ve had a hard-on ever since you met her.” Max snorted. “It’s not like you have a chance with her, anyway. You would have to wear a bulletproof vest under your leather to fuck the girl.”

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