House Rules(92)

By: Rebecca Brooke

House Rules was an adventure. I loved Miller Hawes from the moment I wrote his name on the page in Traded. His charm and wit takes the world by storm, but beneath that charm is a man who’s more than willing to go to great lengths to protect the people he loves. I hope you love Miller as much as I do and stayed tuned for Brock’s story coming Fall 2017.

Cassy, thank you so much for the beautiful cover. I knew the moment I saw it that it was perfect for Miller. Your work is amazing and I know we will work together on many covers in the future.

Ryn, you are AMAZING, woman!! Every story I send you comes back magical. You took extra time with Miller and helped focus and bring him to life. I love you for it.

Brandy, thanks for pushing me past my limits. You help me focus and listen to me bitch when things are crazy. I’m so glad for your friendship.

Miranda, what can I say. You understand my crazy and just go with it. You are always there when I need you. I can even express how wonderful you are.

To the ladies of Rebecca Readers, thanks for standing by me and giving me a chance.

And finally to my family, I love you all so much. Thanks for everything you give me. I couldn’t be any luckier.

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