Intricate Love (Sinful Souls MC #2)

By: Amo Jones

Fifteen months later


My eyes open, then close. “Blake?” I attempt to scream, but my voice is not coming out.

I can't see, everything is black, why can't I see? “Blake!” My voice begins to get louder; I am starting to panic. What has happened? Why can't I see anything? Where am I? Where is Pipper? Oh my god, Pipper. I try to move my fingers, but nothing is moving. Am I dead? My thoughts are jumbled; I drift deeper and deeper into the darkness of the unknown.

Counting drinks

Present day


You know how they say the best relationships come from those who were friends first? Well, they lied.

"Vicky?" Jesse shakes me; trying to wake me after going three rounds of hard sex. "Vicky, I know you don't fall asleep that fast." If we were not friends before this, he wouldn't know that kind of information. "What Jesse? I'm tired." He rolls over, pulling his pants back on.

"Yeah, you’ve said that every time for the whole five months we've been doing this."

That's me, going back and repeating the same mistake numerous times, because apparently I never learn. Also, Jesse has the biggest dick I have ever seen in all my 23 years.

"Well then you should be used to it, god Jesse! I'm not doing this with you tonight."

He pulls his hoodie on, before walking out of my bedroom for the last time ever.

I hate mornings, anyone that is even close to being happy in the mornings should be killed in their sleep. I am dragging my sorry ass out of bed moping, until I remember it is officially day one of spring break. Fuck yes! I think as I pump my fist into the air. Despite the fact that I am not going to see Alaina for a while, I am so happy to get the hell out of Dodge; a certain basketball player may have played a part in my decision.

I am drinking my coffee when Alaina walks in, with her beautiful blonde hair messy and all over the place. I laugh, “You know you could totally be on a hair commercial, you have THAT much hair.”

“Tell me about it,” she replies, sipping her black drink of goodness.

“When are you leaving?”

“In about an hour or so.”

“I’m going to miss your crazy ass, keep in contact okay?” she asks.

“I promise.”

After saying my goodbyes to Alaina, I start packing up my bags into my Black Mercedes CL convertible, managing to squash everything in, and mentally preparing myself for a wild summer with one of my best friends Kalie. Pulling onto the main highway, I set off to my parent’s beach house in Coronado.


After three hours of singing along to some of the best songs in history, I pull into the driveway of our large, over the top mansion. I turn my car off and roll my eyes; my mother has the most expensive taste and barely spends any time here. Greta comes out to greet me; she still looks the same. My parents keep her on to maintain the house while we are not here.

“Hello Vicky, can I help you with your bags? I’ve stocked up the fridge and freshened up the place for you, dear.” I hug her in appreciation.

“Thanks Greta. Girl, have you lost weight? You are looking good mama. Mr Daniels must love tapping that ass!”

She blushes while waving my comment away. “Oh Vicky, stop,” she laughs while picking up some of my bags, carrying them inside.

I follow her, making my way up the front steps and into the house, straight into my room. After unpacking everything into my drawers, I pick up my phone and send a text to Kalie. Kalie and I have been friends since we were little, we had planned to do the whole summer vacation together because her parents own a spot three houses down from me.

Me: Are you almost ready? I can come over in ten.

Kalie: ready when you are ;)

Walking up to her front door, she swings it open before I can knock. “VICKY!” she squeals.

“Hey babe, how have you been?” I ask. She looks back to me through her bright emerald green eyes. “I’ve been better, but let’s go and get a drink.”

Kalie is stunning; when we were little, I always asked my Mom why I did not get her amazing green eyes. “Let’s walk down, it’s not very far.”

The main beach is only a 10-minute walk from our house. We talk and laugh, catching up on old times while making our way into town.

Walking into the local bar that sits on the beach side, it’s all palm trees and mojitos. I look around and notice there’s not many people in here, except for a large group of big bikers that are sitting in the corner. I look over to them for a second before moving along, finding it strange that they are all good looking, every single one of them. I laugh to myself because they must not be real bikers; there is no way real bikers look like that.

“So,” I say, dropping down onto the barstool. “Why so glum?” She tucks her light brown hair behind her ear. “I ended things with my ex and he didn't take it too kindly.”

I reply between sipping my drink, “Oh well, let’s find some new toys to play with.”

Kalie blushes a little; I almost forget how innocent she is. “What? Are you going to tell me he left you because you’re a virgin?” I laugh at my ridiculous thought. When I look over to her, she drops her eyes down to her fingers.

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