Jasper:Caged Hearts MMA(104)

By: Heather West

The heat’s been on far too long

Annabel Claremont was more than a bird trapped in a cage –a wolf on a tight leash that she’d known her whole life, and she was ready to break free. But hidden away in a home made up of secrets, lies, and manipulation, freedom was nothing but a fever dream.

The pressure is reaching its bursting point

Jackson Montgomery, sexy, arrogant, and living his life in the fast lane. He had been told it once, told it a thousand times: quit fucking around, start taking yourself seriously: there’s a family business to inherit. He didn’t ask for any of this from the Clan, and the walls are closing in as his 18th birthday approaches…

When fate meets chance

A chance meeting brings Annabel and Jackson together, and she begins to discover that old legends about fated mates aren’t make believe. Little did she know, the burning desire for her mate would be forbidden…

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