Jasper:Caged Hearts MMA(5)

By: Heather West

“I’ll do my best not to scream,” Jasper smiled teasingly at her.

Kait pressed the wipe against his strong chest and saw his jaw clench and his eyes glisten. But he didn’t cry out. Carefully, she wiped away the blood and cleaned the cut. Then she went back to the first aid box and sourced a sterile bandage large enough to adequately cover it.

“Here,” she pressed the bandage across the wound. He was so irresistibly warm beneath her touch.

“This should do you for a day or two, but then you’ll need to change the dressing.”

Kait lingered beside him a moment too long. He smelt amazing like cinnamon and strawberries. She wanted to stay beside him, soaking in his scent. But she remembered herself and went to lean back, but Jasper’s hand was suddenly above hers, holding it in place.

“I - ” Kait looked up in to his dark eyes which still glistened, but the tension in his jaw was gone. She felt like she could easily get lost in his gaze. Jasper moved towards her, and Kait let her instincts take over. He kissed her, and an explosion of fireworks was released in Kait’s body, causing her to tremble with desire.

As the kiss intensified, he expertly parted his lips and pressed his tongue against hers. Kait forgot all about her sore ribs and his wound as she let him guide her on to his lap where she straddled him. They kissed as Jasper’s strong hands ran up and down her body. Kait pressed herself against him, desperate to take things further. Jasper understood and responded. He scooped her up in his powerful arms and walked her towards the door which led to Kait’s bedroom. Her heart was pounding madly as they continued to passionately kiss.

With a sexy flourish, Jasper threw her down on the bed. Kait hurriedly removed her stockings and pulled down the zipper on her dress. She’d never felt this sexy or alive. Her whole body felt heated with desire, every nerve alert and on fire.

With her dress removed and in just her underwear, Jasper pressed his body against hers, letting her legs tangle around him as they kissed. The voice of reason in Kait’s mind which would scream that they were taking things too fast couldn’t compete with the heated intensity of the moment. Her concerns were drowned out by her own passion.

Jasper’s lips landed upon her neck, and Kait groaned and writhed beneath him. She could feel how hard he was through his jeans. Leaning back, Jasper stepped out of his jeans and came back to her. They kissed some more before she gasped in delicious delight as he entered her.

They made love three times that night. Kait had never experienced anything like it. Jasper was so strong that they were able to create any position imaginable. He easily held her in his strong arms making Kait feel wonderfully light and graceful. He was a powerful yet considerate lover. As the clock eased past midnight and they eventually untangled from one another, Kait did something she rarely did. She fell straight asleep. She didn’t lie awake worrying about the previous day and the day still to come. Her mind was contentedly free from anxiety, so she just rolled up against Jasper’s broad chest, closed her eyes, and drifted away.

Chapter 3

The sharp shrill of her alarm clock jolted Kait awake. Bleary eyed, she groaned and sat up in bed, waiting for the world to come in to focus. Her chest ached from the kick she’d received the previous evening. When she’d been attacked.

Kait’s eyes flew open as the memories of the night before came flooding back. She’d been assaulted in the parking lot and then saved by Jasper. Jasper! He was here in her apartment, in her bed. Kait hastily ran her fingers through her hair to make herself presentable before glancing across to the other side of her double bed. But there was no one lying there beside her; the bed was empty. The sheets were crinkled and disturbed, but were without an inhabitant. Perhaps he was already up and showering.

Pulling on a nearby robe, Kait stepped lightly from her bed and opened the door to the rest of her apartment. Dense silence greeted her. Flicking on lights, she looked for some sign of Jasper. The bathroom was empty, as was the main living area. Kait felt her heart plummet from her chest down to her feet. He was gone. The man she had so willingly given herself to, the man who had saved her, had disappeared from her apartment before dawn. Was he ashamed about what had happened between them? Or worse, did he have a girlfriend, or heaven forbid a wife he needed to slink back to?

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