Jasper:Caged Hearts MMA(9)

By: Heather West

“Oh yes!” A memory of Ashton flickered in Kait’s mind. She remembered that Anna had once been crazy about him.

“Like he was ever strong enough for cage fighting,” Anna declared with a sour look.

“So why did you guys break up?”

Anna’s look darkened. “He got Cindy Rogers pregnant at that party at Dennis’ house, remember?”

Kait did remember, all too well. Anna had been utterly devastated by the news. Ashton had opted to do the honourable thing and was standing by Cindy, but that left Anna standing alone. She’d skipped college for an entire week, unable to face anyone. She needn’t had worried about seeing Ashton though. He dropped out that same week, forced to take a job on his father’s farm in order to make some money for his imminent arrival.

“God, I remember,” Kait declared softly.

Anna blinked rapidly, her blue eyes now sparkling.

“His kid would be ten now. Can you believe it?”

“No,” Kait answered honestly. “That’s crazy.”

“Isn’t it?” Anna fiercely pushed a loose strand of blonde hair behind her ear. “Ashton was all over cage fighting. He even knew where all the top guys went to train, and he’d go and linger around there as if some of their ability might rub off on him. To think I used to be so hung up on that guy!”

“He knew where they trained?” Kait wondered if the gym where they trained in town would be the same one used ten years ago. Probably not, but it was still worth a shot.

“Yeah, over at that exclusive place in the centre of town with the posh name no one could pronounce. I think it relocated over to near where your offices are.”

Well that would make sense. Jasper had mentioned that he was on his way back from the gym.

“I could use another drink,” Anna declared as she stood up, even though their glasses were still relatively full.

Chapter 7

Fuelled by the cocktails in her system, when Kait got back to her apartment, she opened up her laptop and sat cross legged on her bed and began conducting a frantic search.

All she had to type in to the search engine was Jasper Duboix – Fighter, and suddenly she was presented with a wealth of results. The text blurred together in her drunken vision, but she managed to read enough details to begin to piece together a picture of who Jasper Duboix truly was.

He wasn’t a cage fighter as she had presumed. He was actually a mixed martial arts fighter and a champion in his field. He had represented Great Britain at international events numerous times and had won various accolades. Kait’s eyes widened as she became increasingly impressed by his achievements. In his field, Jasper was a superstar.

Kait found him on Twitter where he had over ten thousand followers. As she scrolled through his time line, she scrutinized each Tweet for something revealing but they gave nothing away. Jasper’s Tweets were solely focused on his sport and sometimes his diet. He photographed the protein shake he had in the morning and the weights he was currently working in the gym. There were a few shots of him before a match but nothing about who Jasper was outside of the ring. Also, nothing about the night he had spent with Kait.

Her eyes misted as she found posts for the date they had met. There were three in total.

Up fresh and early, ready to hit the day hard - @J_Duboix

Time to carb load before my next big match - @J_Duboix

Feeling pumped after my work out #workhardplayhard - @J_Duboix

Kait slumped back against her pillows. There was nothing about saving a stranger who had made his heart race. Had their encounter truly meant nothing to him? Fighting back tears, Kait slammed the laptop shut and curled up on to her side. She needed to forget all about Jasper Duboix. She needed to move on with her life, as clearly she had meant nothing to him.

Chapter 8

Bright rays of sunlight burned against Kait’s eyes causing her to moan and roll over. With a deep groan she sat up and pushed her palms against her temple. Her body ached from sleeping awkwardly, and looking down she realized that she was still wearing her clothes from the night before.

“Urgh,” Kait coughed. Her mouth felt as though she’d spent the night consuming sand. Reaching for her nearby cell phone, she saw that she had a new message. It was from Anna.

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