Kill Me:Kiss of Death 1

By: LP Lovell

Blinking my eyes open, I groan and flinch back against the bright fluorescent lights overhead. My head is pounding, my body feel stiff and achy. I don’t recognise my surroundings, and I panic, sitting bolt upright. The motion makes my head spin and my vision dip in and out. The last thing I remember is them taking me from the orphanage, bad men who do awful things to girls like me. All I can see is concrete. The walls, the ceiling, the floor, all grey and bleak. No windows, no anything. I’m lying on a fashioned bed, hanging from the wall via two chains. It’s a prison cell. I notice a security camera set into the corner of the room above the door, the red light on it blinking. Pulling my knees to my chest, I wrap my arms around them, fighting back tears. In an attempt to stop the violent shaking of my body, I squeeze my arms even tighter.

A tear tracks down my face, and I swallow around the painful lump in my throat, jumping when the door screeches and then opens. The second I see the man who took me, fear grips me so hard I think I’m going to be sick. A horrible smile pulls at his lips as he comes to a stop a few feet from me. I curl into an even tighter ball, trying to make myself smaller. Another man walks into the room, lingering by the door.

“Hello, child. My name is Erik.” I drop my gaze to a spot on the bed directly beside me. I don’t want to look at him, and I don’t want him to look at me, to see me.

“She’s pretty,” the other man says in a way that makes me shiver in fear.

“Why do you think I brought her back?” He laughs. “Stand up, girl,” he barks, but I don’t move. I can’t move. My limbs are locked in place. I yelp when he reaches for me, grabbing a handful of my hair and dragging me off the bed roughly. My knees collide with the concrete floor and pain ricochets up my legs. His boots are right in front of me. I want to get as far away from him as possible, but I stay still, staring at the floor as tears track down my cheeks steadily. He drops to a crouch and his calloused fingers grip my jaw, forcing my face up. I slam my eyes closed and he laughs.

“Close your eyes all you like. Do you remember what I told you?” I say nothing, but feel his hot, smoke scented breath on my face. “I promised I’d break you,” he whispers. The words trigger something in me and animal instincts kick in. I wrench my face away from him and scramble backwards, pushing to my feet and pressing myself against the wall in the far corner of the room. His laughter echoes around the small space and a frustrated cry leaves my lips. I’m not getting out of here. Two grown men, against me, a girl. He’s going to break me and probably kill me, or worse, make me a whore. I know all about these things, the places they send girls my age. I’d rather die.

His laughter cuts off and he storms across the room, reaching for me. I lash out at him, but it’s a pathetic attempt. Gripping the top of my T-shirt, he tears it apart, straight down the middle. I yelp and curl in on myself, covering my body from him.

“She hasn’t even got tits yet,” his friend says, spitting on the ground.

Erik grabs my hair, pulling my head back so hard that I cry out as I’m forced onto my knees in front of him. He steps close, pulling me into him until my cheek is pressed against his crotch. “I don’t mind.” He laughs. Bile burns the back of my throat and I fight the impending panic that makes me want to curl into the foetal position and just blank it all out. For a few seconds my mind tells me to just accept it, that this is what I must do to survive, but the second the thought crosses my mind, I recoil in disgust. I snarl and lash out, punching him between his legs. His hold on my hair becomes so painful that I scream, but then he lets go. Staggering back, he sucks in ragged breaths, cupping his crotch. I know it will be short-lived, but I bask in the small victory for a second.

“You little bitch! Hold her.” It all happens at once. The concrete floor hits my back. Hands grab at my arms and body, pinning me down. I scream and my nails rake over skin. Erik’s body falls over mine like a lead weight and hot breath blows over my face, making me wretch. I kick and lash out and when it does nothing, the tears blind me. He pulls at my jeans so hard my entire body jerks and he’d drag me across the floor if it weren’t for the other man holding me down. He throws my jeans to the side, and I try to pull away, to curl my bare legs closer to my body. Fingers wrap around my ankles, wrenching them apart. A sickening grin works over his face and it feels as though someone has a hold of my heart, squeezing it in their fist as he reaches for my cotton panties. Managing to work one arm free, I swing at him and slap him across the cheek. My palm meeting face sounds like a thunderclap in the room. His hand slams around my throat and he snarls in my face, spraying spit over me. I gasp for breath, bucking my body uselessly as he rolls his hips between my legs. Black spots begin to dot my vision, and I’m on the verge of losing consciousness.

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