Lizzy (A MacLaughlin Family Novella)

By: Krystal Shannan

A MacLaughlin Family Novella


“Ethan, let go. Lor is going to be looking for me. I’ve got to get back.” She scanned the floor, zeroing in on her missing shoe. “Where are my panties?”

He chuckled and she turned to face him in the semi dark of the linen closet, not surprised to see her white lace panties twirling around one of his fingers.

“Gimme.” She snatched them from his hand and slipped them on.

“Baby, hang on.” He stepped forward, heat from his body radiating against the bare skin on her back. Lord have mercy! My dress is still open! “You might want this zipped up.” He tugged the sides of the dress together and pulled the zipper up to the back of her neck.

“Thank you.”

He turned her in his arms and pressed a soft kiss to her lips. He tasted and smelled so good.

“The wedding starts in twenty minutes. We’ve got to go!” “If you so much as breathe a word of this to anyone, especially Logan. I’ll bite you,” she inclined her head down, “next time.”

He cringed and pulled away, but a grin split his face. “That’s not right, Lizzy. I don’t deserve that.”

“Then no sharing.”


She glared at him one more time before opening the door at her back. A quick glance back and forth proved the coast clear, and she hurried down the hall toward the bride’s dressing room. She couldn’t help a peek over her shoulder and smiled when Ethan popped his head out of the closet and glanced back and forth. He flashed her another heart-melting smile and then walked down the hall the opposite way.

Over the spring and summer, they’d spent as much time together as possible, which translated into ten or so dates alone and another half dozen with family and friends. Between her finishing her thesis and graduating early and him wrapping up his training at the Bureau, they’d been busy. A few stolen moments here and there left them constantly horny and unsatisfied. Closet sex at her best friend’s wedding, twenty minutes before the service, was the least of their offenses. What was I thinking? She smoothed out her slightly wrinkled dress, took a deep breath, and stepped through the door into the bride’s room.

Lorelei Ward was a beautiful bride —the very image of a fairytale Cinderella. The lacy bodice was sleeveless and fitted, complementing the fluffy flowing layers of fabric making up the skirt. The train of the dress was a half cathedral and highlighted Lor’s dramatic flair perfectly. Trevor would love it.

Lizzy glanced up in the mirror and caught her best friend’s eye. Lor smiled. “You might want to reapply your lip gloss,” she said, twirling a brown curl around her finger.

Oh, God! Heat flooded Lizzy’s cheeks. “I…Umm…” Words wouldn’t form.

“Girl, I know you and Ethan have been sneaking off every chance you get. But, he’s gonna be in for it when your brothers see him sporting your cotton-candy sparkle lip plumper.”

She touched her bare lips and fell into a fit of giggles at Ethan’s expense. He really was going to get it. Lor started laughing too.

“I would love to be a fly on the wall… when they see him,” Lor exclaimed between laughs.

The door behind them creaked and opened. Susan came in, followed by Lina and Liv, her other brothers’ girlfriends.

“What did we miss?” Susan MacLaughlin asked, a grin tugging at the corners of her mouth. “Honey, you really need to put a little more lip gloss on.”

Lor and Lizzy fell into another round of giggles.

“We were just saying that Ethan is about to get a beat down from Lizzy’s brothers.” Lorelei snorted through a couple more laughs.

“Lor!” Lizzy moaned through her own laughter. “You better stop laughing before your makeup starts to run from those tears.”

“Lizzy,” Susan chided.

Lor fanned her face and tried to stop, but Lina and Olivia were both snickering now, too.

She turned to face her brother’s girlfriends. “What?” Lizzy narrowed her gaze at Liv. “Spill it oh great entertainment newswoman.”

Olivia Hampton, Harvey’s girlfriend, grinned and nodded. “It just explains all the yelling I heard in the groom’s hallway a few minutes ago. You too would actually be quite popular on the red carpet. Lots of drama.” She glanced at the ceiling. “That man should have known better. Plus, aren’t you both going away to his lake house after the reception?”

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