Luca (You Will Be Mine)(10)

By: Jaimie Roberts

“That’s fair enough—and goes without saying. So, you’re happy with anal?”

“Yes. I don’t mind that.”

“Okay, excellent. Just one more thing. If I choose to have you to join us, you will have to be tested, and a background check will be done. I also have certain forms that will need to be filled out. Before I go any further, I need to know if you’re okay with all of that.” She nodded her head.

“Of course. Your application said as much. It’s all fine by me.”

“Great. I have others to see shortly, but I’m sure I’ll have an answer for you by this afternoon.”

“That’s fantastic. Thank you.” Rising out of my chair, I extended my hand to her. “You’re welcome, Natalie. I’ll speak with you soon.”

She left straight after, and I then began the other two interviews. I was exhausted by the end of it all. The other two were nice, but neither held a candle to Natalie. I guess first impressions do last.

Once the last one was out the door, I immediately rang Natalie and told her she had the job if she wanted it. She was ecstatic and couldn’t wait to start. I told her that there would be an initial one-month probationary period and that she should come in to sign the forms whenever she could. All things going well with the tests etc, she could start in two weeks’ time.

By the end of her call and after calling the other two in order to share the disappointing news, I sat back in my chair—certain that I had made the right choice. Only time would tell.

While I awaited seven o’clock, I changed into something more suitable for the evening and set about surveying my kingdom.

There were a few girls perched up high on the bar having a drink and looking every bit like the hotel’s clientele themselves. Some of them were elegantly sitting on some sofa chairs, deeply engaged in conversation.

Bill was at the bar serving Samantha a glass of champagne as he took me in. With a wink and a smile, I knew he was good. And then there was Raffael, our other bartender and server. He walked towards me after serving Mandy her drinks.

“Clara,” he said with a dip of his head.

“Raffael, how are we this evening?”

“I’m doing very well. It’s always a pleasure to serve such beautiful ladies.”

Looking around, I immediately saw what he saw. They were all beautiful—some of them stunningly so. It made me wonder a little as to why they chose this line of work. I expect a few of them could have been models and made just as much money … if not more.

“They are beautiful, aren’t they?”

“And so are you this evening. As always.”

“You’re such a charmer, Raffael.”

“Well, you have to be in this line of work.”

I chuckled. “I suppose so.”

“Clara!” Belinda shouted from behind.

“Yes, Belinda.”

She had a familiar look of frustration on her face, and I instantly knew what was wrong. “It’s Mr. Townsend again. He’s being particularly naughty today.”

“Okay. Show me the way.”

Heading off, we both walked up the grand staircase towards the hall of rooms filled on either side. It looked just like any hotel, and that was just how I wanted it. We even had key cards for each room so it looked authentic.

Upon entering the room, I found Mr. Townsend on the floor with nothing but a g-string and a dog collar on. “What has he done?”

“He keeps trying to hump my leg. I told him it was naughty, but he didn’t listen.”

“Jeffrey, what have I told you about doing this to Belinda? She is your mistress and you must do as she tells you.”

Jeffrey bowed his head, but immediately rewarded me by crawling over and humping my leg. My instant reaction was to grab him by the ear. He always loved it when I did that.

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