Luca (You Will Be Mine)(4)

By: Jaimie Roberts

I must admit, I was flattered as she was a very pretty lady, but I had never had feelings like that towards women. In the end, I had to let her down gently. Rachael took it on the chin, and we had been firm friends ever since. It still didn’t stop her from trying to involve me in any ménage à trois sessions whenever a client requested one. I just didn’t get involved that way. I ran the business, but I drew the line at becoming a part of that business.

“Rachael is a lovely girl, and I’m sure she has enough fun with Louise whenever there has been a need for more than one girl. I like my men too much.”

“I never see you with any.” Tammy frowned and sniffled some more.

“I’m too busy looking after my family.” I smiled sweetly towards her, causing another tear to run down her face. “Now, go. Live your life and be happy.”

I turned around at this point as the phone rang. Tammy plucked a tissue up from my desk and swiftly made her way out the door. “Clara Murphy,” I said curtly into the phone.

“Clara, it’s Matthew Broadmore here.”

“Good morning, Matthew. What can I do for you?”

“I was hoping to see Tammy this evening.”

It had started already.

“I hate to be the bearer of bad news, Matthew, but Tammy is no longer with us.”

I heard a deep sigh. “That’s a shame. She was my favourite.”

“I completely understand. She will be missed. I do have another girl who I think will be right up your alley.”

“Do you mean you?” he chuckled.

“Nice try, Matthew. You know that will never happen.”

“I had to at least make an attempt to win you over.” I could hear the smile in his voice.

“Anyway, getting back, I have just the girl. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. Her name’s Melinda, and she’s fairly new. She took over for Wendy when she left.”

“Okay…” I could hear him hesitating slightly.

“Listen; come along this evening at around eight o’clock. Melinda is fully booked after. Despite being new, she has a lot of clients just dying to see her.” That got his spirits up. I could tell through the line. “If you don’t enjoy her company, I’m sure I can fix you up with someone else. I have a new opening now and will need to get right on that, but in the meantime, try Melinda and see how you get on.”

“Sure thing. Sounds excellent. I shall see you at eight.”

I smiled. “Excellent! I can guarantee you will like her, Matthew.”

“And if I don’t, can I come and see you?”

I shook my head. “Again, nice try.” I heard him chuckle, and we ended the call soon after. The minute I put the phone down, I heard a ruckus coming from outside my office. Pretty soon, my door was being forced open, and what appeared before me had the hairs on the back of my neck standing on end.

“I’m sorry, Clara,” Belinda—one of my girls—said. “I tried to stop him, but he was very insistent.”

I nodded, but my eyes were still transfixed by this giant beauty before me. I didn’t know who the hell he was, but I damn sure hoped he wasn’t a new client.

I found myself watching him with rapt appreciation as he seemed to drink me in as much as I was him. He had dark, wavy brown hair which was slicked back with perfect precision. His olive skin seemed to glow as his caramel-coloured eyes danced over me with heated desire.

My God, he was perfect!

His broad shoulders and magnificent physique were commanding the room as if he was standing on a stage. Mid-ogling, I caught him licking his ever-so-pouty lips, and that one little gesture caused an ache between my legs to surface—the likes of which I had never felt before.

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