Luca (You Will Be Mine)(9)

By: Jaimie Roberts

All in all, it took a good thirty minutes to go over each one, and I thanked my lucky stars that they all seemed to work. That would make me feel a little better later in the evening when the clients arrived and start disappearing into the bedrooms.

Ten minutes after, my first interviewee arrived. She was prompt and willing as she bounced her way through my door.

“Natalie?” I asked, rising out of my chair and extending my hand.

“Yes, so glad to finally meet you, Miss Murphy.”

“Please, call me, Clara. No formalities here.”

Smiling, she wrapped one elegant and shapely leg round the other. I knew I wasn’t into women in that sense, but I could still appreciate the female form. Natalie was no exception. She had beautiful golden brown hair and dark eyes. On her profile it said that she was originally from Trinidad and Tobago, was five foot six, and had thirty-four double D breasts. Based on this first impression, I liked her. I liked her a lot.

“So, Natalie, tell me about yourself.”

“Well, I have been escorting for a few years, but it’s really not my thing. I don’t like being put in situations that could be a danger to me. Meeting men in hotel rooms always carries an element of risk. It’s something I would like to veer away from if I can.

“Having said that, I do like the other aspects of my work. I enjoy sex very much, and I’m willing to try anything new.” Smiling sweetly, she seductively pushed her hair back. I immediately thought some of my clients would like her.

“I completely understand, and that’s good to hear. Can you tell me why you have chosen The Castle?”

She clasped her hands together and rested them on her lap. “Do you know Chantel?”

“Chantel Baxter?”

“Yes, that’s the one. She is a very close friend and highly recommended you.”

I smiled sweetly, remembering Chantel. She left a couple of years ago to pursue an acting career in the states.

“How is she getting on now?”

“She’s doing well, I think. She couldn’t get into proper acting, so I think she’s just doing soft porn. She enjoys it though, and that’s the main thing. She always talks about you. She said you helped her once.”

I smiled remembering how sweet Chantel was. She was one of my girls of course, but she kind of lost herself along the way. She got into drugs, and when one of the clients complained about her behaviour, I had to step in and confront her. After several tears and apologies, I got her clean. I made her promise me that she would never do that again and she held to that promise. I think Chantel was so grateful that I had kept her job for her that she knew she could never return to that life. I offered her a roof over her head to cut ties with her old life and she accepted.

“She’s a great girl who deserved to be happy. I won’t tolerate bad behaviour here, but I will always help whenever the need arises. I’m sometimes like the aunt of the place.”

“That’s great to hear. I promise you that I would give one hundred and ten percent here. Not only because I’m a hard worker, but also because you deserve to have the best. Treat people with the same level of respect with which they treat others.”

I smiled at that. I was really warming to Natalie. “Exactly my motto, Natalie.” I paused briefly to take her in one last time. She was rather stunning.

“I would just like to ask two more things before I let you go.”

“Anything,” she beamed.

“Is there anything you wouldn’t do? Sometimes my clients have eclectic tastes shall we say. I don’t want you to be doing anything here you’re uncomfortable with, so I’ll need to know where you draw the line and with what things or activities.”

She regarded my question before replying. “I would say the only thing I draw the line with is anyone inflicting pain on me. I don’t mind whipping or hitting anyone else, but I won’t have it done to me.”

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